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Covid-19 Scare: The Situation of Detained Ambazonians



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Covid-19 Scare: the Situation of Detained Ambazonians

By Mbah Godlove.

The faith of Ambazonians incarcerated by the Colonial Regime remains questionable as they continue to languish in deplorable conditions.

The Kondegui Principal prison in Yaounde hosting President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and Nine other leaders has remained a course for concern as the fight against the deadly pandemic reaches crescendo.

The inmates have continuously complain of maltreatment from French Cameroun security Agents. Weeks back, the disgruntled leaders undertook a hunger strike as a cine qua non to press for better detention conditions.

The calls fell on deaf ears as one of them, Barista Shufai Blaise, who took ill was brutally man-handled on hospital bed. He was chained on the bed and denied access to Lawyers and family members.

As the fight against Coronavirus reaches apogee, Ambazonian Front-line leaders among them Mark Bareta, have continue to beckon on world leaders to look into the situation of imprisoned Ambazonians.

The Coronavirus had earlier been detected in one of the detention facilities hosting over 300 Ambazonian inmates.


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