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COVID-19 Scare: Ambazonians Seek Preventive Measures



COVID-19 Scare: Ambazonians Seek Preventive Measures

By Mbah Godlove

Ambazonians have begun putting in place ways to tackle the Coronavirus which has been declared by the World Health Organisation as Pandemic.

The virus is fast spreading in Neighbouring La Repulique Du Cameroun with 13 cases recorded so far.

This has pushed Ambazonians to begin seeking mechanisms to battle the virus in case of any eventuality.

The Ambazonian Catholic Dioceses of Kumbo and Buea have sprung into action as the whole world combats the Pandemic.

In separate letters, read across Roman Catholic churches in Kumbo and Buea recently, the two Bishops, His Lordship George Nkou and Rt Rev. Michael Bibi respectively, called for the suspension of public masses.

The prelates in their letters, equally, suspended till further notice the use of holy water at the door into the church, stressing that holy Communion should be received using the palms instead of the mouth.

At the time of this report, no case of COVID-19 has been confirmed in Ambazonia.

Mark Bareta, Frontline Activist, and CEO of BaretaNews has challenged all Ambazonians to remain vigilant and to respect the guidelines layed down to battle the Pandemic.

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