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Covid-19 Prevention: Mark Bareta Calls for Release of Ambazonia Prisoners Of War



Assasination Sisiku Ayuk-Tabe

Covid-19 Prevention: Mark Bareta Calls for Release of Ambazonian Prisoners Of War

By Mbah Godlove.

Famous Ambazonia front line activist, Mark Bareta has become the first leader to call on world powers to free Southern Cameroonians held in French Cameroon as a measure to contain the Coronavirus pandemic

Speaking in an exclusive interview to BaretaNews Mbah Gerald on phone from his base in Brussels, Belgium minutes ago, the Ambazonian Patriot beconed on the UK, USA and Germany to press for the release of over 9000 Ambazonians including President Sisseku Ayuk Tabe and nine members of his cabinet as one of the preventive steps to fight the virus.

“I salute all stringent effords adupted by the UK, USA and Germany to rescue their Nationals from the anguish brought about by the covid-19 pandemic. I crave your indulgence to oversee the granting of liberty to Southern Cameroonians detained in French Cameroon preasons,” he decried.

Thousands of Ambazonians are being incarcerated for demanding independence restoration held captive by the Francophone dominated government of dictator Paul Biya.

While underscoring the fact that La Republique du Cameroon has a poor health system to contain Covid-19, the BN CEO stressed that it was about time detained Ambazonians were liberated.

“It is safe for them to go home and prevent themselves at this crucial moment,” he added.

Ethiopia became the first African country to .announce on Wednesday March 25 that over 4000 detainees were going to be freed as a measure to combat the Coronavirus

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