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COVID-19 Fight Crescendos As Cases Surge In Victoria




COVID-19 Fight Crescendos As Cases Surge

By Mbah Godlove

As the world continues to confront the deadly pandemic, COVID-19, the situation has not been different in Southern Zone, Southern Cameroons

Sources say the number of infections have continued to rise especially in the City of Victoria in Fako County.

Although many Ambazonians might not have died after contracting the virus, vigilance has been described as the first preventive measure.

Awareness level is said to have increased amongst locals.

The wearing of face masks have gradually become a new normal as the fight against the deadly pandemic is on an increasing rise.

Be it in taxis or in the market, the use of facemask has been intensified.

Observing social distancing, however has remained an uphill task for many an Ambazonian who is seen hugging love ones everyday.

It is hoped that locals will soon adapt to the social distancing measure, a sine qua non in combatting the deadly pandemic.

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