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Consternation in Kumba over Brutal Killings



Consternation in Kumba over Brutal Killings

By Mbah Godlove.

The population of Ambazonia is mourning the killing of at least 6 school children in Kumba hours ago.

It remains unclear who the killers are, public opinion is highly divided on who committed the act.

BN gathered that the invaders broke into Mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy in the City of Kumba on Saturday, October 24, killing at least 6 kids, and injuring nearly a dozen others.

Some residents say Colonial forces reportedly carried out the act in other to jeopardize the ongoing struggle to free Ambazonians from French Cameroun’s enslavement, while others are blaming Ambazonia fighters for their crusade against school resumption. Ambazonia leaders and groups have all denied responsibility

Conflict analysts have, however, related the incident to a similar bloody operation in Ngarbuh in which regime soldiers gruesomely killed women and children months ago.

It is hoped that the international community would undertake an investigation to unravel the perpetrators of the horrendous crime against humanity.

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