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Consortium Joins AGovC, Declares Operation No motorbikes, No Cars, Until The Situation Is Redressed



Media Release

Wreckless Ban on Motorbike Circulation in Bamenda is Economic Suicide

The Consortium has read with grief and consternation a municipal order disseminated on the media, banning the circulation of commercial and private Motorbikes in most areas of the city of Bamenda. The decision is signed by one Achobang Paul who claims to be City Mayor of Bamenda.

We wish to call the attention of national and international public opinion to witness that Bamenda has not elected a city mayor, as the people, up to 98% rejected colonial elections organized by Yaounde in February 2020. Decisions taken by an Impostor can only be anti-people and meant to forment trouble.

In the face of such cruel treatment of the youths of the Once Independent State of Southern Cameroons, battered by several years of economic rape and torture by Yaounde, The Consortium is calling on all citizens of Bamenda who own cars to ground them beginning Monday September 7, 2020 in solidarity with the over 15,000 young men who depend on motorbikes for livelihood. These young men support approximately 75,000 dependents from their commercial Motorbike activities.

We are, therefore, calling for a peaceful demonstration by all denizens of Bamenda, by observing Operation No motorbikes, No Cars, until the situation is redressed.

Done in Buea, September 5, 2020

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