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Consortium Calls On Interim Government And ARCC To Collaborate










The Consortium, the mother body which ignited the revolution has issued a Press Statement calling on the Interim Government and the newly created platform, the ARCC to collaborate for the interest of the sons and daughters of Ambazonia. The Consortium in a long statement raised a number of issues pricking the consciences of all and sundry. Read on



Consortium Condemns Division: Urges Various Movements to Put Southern Cameroons First & Collaborate

The CONSORTIUM as a body that ignited this determining phase of our revolution has been following the activities of the various movements involved in the efforts to restore the statehood of Southern Cameroons with keen interest. We note with dismay, the evil and criminal approach being adopted by terrorist soldiers from La République du Cameroun, that constitutes; burning down of whole villages, burning of our compatriots alive in some cases, wanton looting and destruction of property, food barns and the use of lethal weapons against unarmed civilians running to safety in the bushes. Worthy of note is especially the fact that the terrorists from Yaounde use helicopter gunships to massacre people on the run, the very people they purport to be protecting, against internationally recognized norms governing the conduct of soldiers in such conflicts.

While all this is going on, with our brave young men on ground zero doing their utmost best to not only stay safe, but defend the vulnerable citizens against such unprovoked aggression, the leaders of our frontline movements and their supporters are gradually transforming our liberation struggle into a battle for political supremacy at the detriment of the suffering masses. Today, accusations and counter accusations, outright blackmail, a growing thirst for illicit money, betrayals and the quest for appointments that flow in every direction are defacing the cause and presenting us as a bunch of greedy people who can never focus for a common goal; freedom. These vices have now made unity, which was and remains the foundation upon which the CONSORTIUM was founded to look like a forlorn dream. However, we, leaders of the CONSORTIUM still hold dear to the spirit that birthed this platform.

Consortium letter

The CONSORTIUM wishes to remind all and sundry that at the time it called the first ghost towns on the 9th of January 2017, its membership was over 20, but the executive body was made up only of three substantive members; the President, Secretary General and Programs Coordinator, guided by a very reduced group of advisers. That strategy completely killed the incidence of power mongering, self-projection and greed, ensuring greater success with vital information circulating only within a limited scope, checking leakages. Each trade union or civil society leader concentrated on mobilizing people in their spheres towards the common goal; reason not even one dissolved into the CONSORTIUM. The modus operandi was and remains selfless collaboration that translates in the eyes of the public as unity.

In the fervent spirit of the CONSORTIUM, we want to avail ourselves of this opportunity to call on the officials of the Interim Government who are supposed to be governing us and the ARCC to consider the importance of the issues at stake, bear in mind the hundreds of people who have already paid the ultimate price, have a thought for tens of thousands who have lost all their possessions, pay attention to those now living in forests and those battling with refugee lives in foreign countries to understand the momentous need to bury the hatchet and open frank talks geared at reaching an agreement on how to collaborate to fight the common enemy.

The CONSORTIUM believes that to attain the kind of cooperation that is needed to add the much-needed impetus to our struggle at all levels, the parties must engage in direct, frank, honest and meaningful discussions without prejudice and in the end come out with a working document clearly defining the terms of the collaboration. The details of such an agreement could be kept away from the public for strategic reasons while the leaders come out and openly support the clauses. This means fine details on how money raised will be allocated, who does what, where and when and the likes. When this is done, it is our hope, there shall be renewed confidence in the revolution and it will be easy to hit fundraising targets with ready cash flowing in within the time limits estimated.

We also like to remind the leaders of this movements of the true ownership of the revolution; the people of Southern Cameroons who have the right and power to decide the fate of any group not willing to work for this unity that will bring about great success in this struggle.
God is with us,


Consortium Leaders

NdeNifang Fredrick


Abia David

Tatah Donard Silav

John Mbah Akuroh

Andang Geofred Ndeh


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