Consortium Accuses Swiss HD Mediation Centre Of Blackmail And Conspiracies Against Southern Cameroons



Swiss-Led Negotiations: Consortium Urges Caution, Return to the Drawing Board

The Consortium has been following diplomatic events relating to the former UN Trust Territory of British Southern Cameroons’ struggle for the restoration of her independence and hereby expresses concerns on the purported capacity building workshop initiated by the Swiss Government through a Geneva-based organization, the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD). The Consortium, in a previous press release (N0. 14/06) raised a red flag and decided not to send representatives to the supposed capacity building workshop which held in Geneva from June 25 to 27, 2019 on the grounds that due process was not followed.

Sticky Issues

We have observed that the mode of operation of HD consists in brainwashing through purported capacity building, divide-and-rule as a method of obtaining a mediation mandate, slander of other international stakeholders and blackmail of Southern Cameroons groups and faction leaders and an incomprehensible insistence on the need for secrecy where transparency should be the norm. This approach has created suspicions that HD is indeed acting on behalf of the government of the Republic of Cameroun in its desire to tone down international pressure while at the same time pursuing the massacre of unarmed civilians in the former UN Trust Territory of the British Southern Cameroons in all tranquility. This would enable them to make negotiations at some point no longer necessary.

In as much as The Consortium believes in the virtues of negotiations and holds strongly, like other movements, groups, and organizations in this liberation struggle, that permanent peace between the former UN Trust Territory of the British Southern Cameroons and the annexationist Republic of Cameroun can only be achieved through a negotiated settlement in the presence of third parties. It also believes that the process leading to such negotiation must be open and transparent.

The Consortium holds this truth to be self-evident that a credible mediator must exhibit a clear ability to unite all parties to a conflict without inflicting harm to needed trust. In this regard, the mediator exhibit neutrality, effective planning, collaboration, transparency and clarity of purpose that are needed to build and sustain trust. Trust is indispensable in the conduct of a mediation process as it guarantees acceptability of the outcome of the ensuing negotiations by all parties involved.

Where we Differ

So far, the Swiss-led mediation effort falls short of this internationally recognized blueprint. It is not certain that Southern Cameroons parties to the said process have seen the mandate Yaounde is supposed to have given to the Swiss government. It is also unclear if a framework for the mediation process was drawn up, carefully examined in relation to the factional context, before being approved on behalf of the suffering and dying masses of Southern Cameroons. The divide-and-rule tactic adopted by HD, marked by mudslinging and demonization of other interested international actors in order to cement its standing as the sole mediator does not, and will not guarantee a fair process and most importantly, the trust of the people of Southern Cameroons. Hence, this may not guarantee the acceptability of the outcome.

The Consortium notes with dismay, that almost two weeks since the Swiss-led effort was announced and applauded by some key actors on the international scene, no such framework document has been presented to the people of Southern Cameroons for appraisal. At the same time, not even Yaounde, which the Swiss government claims have given them a mandate, has made any official comment in that regard.

The Way Forward

As a member organization of the Southern Cameroons Liberation Council (SCLC), The Consortium respects the decision of other platform members that adhered to the initiative but will continue to maintain its cautious stance. We will also continue to educate the masses on the shortcomings of the Swiss-led process, especially at this foundational stage, insisting on a thorough assessment, transparent planning and preparatory requirements that need to be addressed. This is the beauty of the SCLC; a platform in which members are free to hold diverse opinions but have only the core interest of our people at heart. Our collective focus here is on either total self-determination for a people who have already had their fair share of hell for almost a century.

The Consortium does not subscribe to the imposition of mono-mediation through crooked and unorthodox means. The Republic of Cameroun is noted for under-the-table dealings and has always refused to examine and address the root causes of this conflict. Mono-mediation under such circumstances will be suicidal.

The Consortium in this regard opts for and calls on the entire civil society of the Southern Cameroons that make up its membership, to stand for multi-mediation with all the advantages that come with it: openness, clarity, diversity, and transparency. We believe in, and reaffirm our stance for a negotiated solution to end the genocidal war declared on our people through an inclusive process that guarantees fundamental freedoms, the rule of law, respect for international instruments enacted by the United Nations, the African Union and other relevant international bodies. The Consortium further believes in the promotion of justice and the internationally recognized right of the people of the former UN Trust Territory of British Southern Cameroons to independence enshrined in UNGA Resolution 1608 (XV) of April 21, 1961.



  1. Jon

    July 9, 2019 at 2:59 AM


  2. Jon

    July 9, 2019 at 5:07 AM


    How SHAMEFUL, HUMILIATING, and ACUTELY EMBARRASSING for factional leaders of AMBAZONIA TERRORIST GROUP at having to GO CAP IN HAND (or go hat in hand) to the Swiss Embassy in Yaoundé to beg for negotiation via mediation. The Ambazonia Terrorist Group is now in a SNAFU, in a confused or chaotic state, and DOES NOT STAND A CHANCE. The plan of an “independent ambazonia” has not happened in the way it should!!! A bunch of BUMBLING IDIOTS AND POLITICAL MISFITS. As a result of the spectacular successes of the BIRs on ground zero (GZ), the Ambazonia Terrorist Group is IN TATTERS. Begging and Crying for mediation because the Cameroonian Defence and Security Forces are vanquishing the ambazombie terrorists on GZ will not be HEEDED by Mr Biya’s Government. In less than 3 months, the Government will declare victory. Thus, there is no need for negotiations and mediation. The REBELLION has been CRUSHED, but the MOPPING-UP OPERATIONS MAY TAKE 2-3 MONTHS. The BIRs are mopping-up any remaining resistance or opposition.

    It would be a colossal mistake for President Paul Biya and his Government to negotiate or dialogue with ambazonia terrorist separatist organization. It is sacrilege to even think of such a move, for such a move will be anathema to the vast majority of Anglophone Cameroonian Patriots who have borne the brunt of ambazonia savageries. It will be a betrayal, which will surely open up a pandora’s box for more opportunistic radical armed terrorist groups to emerge. Terrorists or armed separatists, whatever the stripe, are to be annihilated if they refuse to lay down their arms or drop their guns, just as President Ahmadou Ahidjo did with the maquisards. As an Anglophone Cameroonian Patriot, I agree, and I stand with the majority of Anglophone Cameroonian Patriots that the Government of Cameroon must not negotiate or dialogue with ambazonia terrorists.

    President Ahmadou Ahidjo annihilated the maquisards and vanquished the Maquis, a terrorist organization like ambazonia. He did not negotiate or dialogue with maquisards! And by routing (decisively defeating) the maquis, President Ahidjo ensured that Cameroon remained One-And-Indivisible under his tutelage or guardianship, and that is the One And Indivisible Cameroon he handed down to President Biya.

    Civilised societies do not negotiate or dialogue with terrorists. No one negotiated with Al Qaeda of Osama Bin Laden, ISIS of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Boko Haram led by Abubakar Shekau, al-Shabaab in Somalia, etc. Those saying that there is no military solution to the ambazonia madness, are dead wrong! Sri Lanka is archetypal of military defeat of a terrorist organization (Tamil Tigers) akin to ambazonia. Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa was elected as the President of Sri Lanka in 2005. He tried to negotiate with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) that was commonly known as the Tamil Tigers ( a terrorist separatist group), but it was a fool’s errand. The aim of this terrorist group was to secure an independent state of Tamil Eelam because they alleged that the Sinhalese people who were in the majority marginalised the Tamils, just like the ambazonia terrorist group is alleging that the majority Francophone Cameroonians are marginalising the Anglophone Cameroonians. From 2006, the Sri Lankan military launched a ferocious and decisive offensive against the Tamil Tigers, vanquishing it militarily and bringing the entire Sri Lankan territory under government control. President Rajapaksa declared Victory over the Tigers on May 16, 2009, and the LTTE admitted defeat on May 17, 2009. The feared leader of LTTE (Mr Prabhakaran) and his family, and the entire leadership of LTTE were all neutralized. President Biya, this is the type of decisive action we, the majority of Anglophone Cameroonian Patriots, are yearning for. Sisiku and the terrorists on ground zero (GZ) and those in the diaspora have, in all probability, committed treasonous and terrorism acts and deserve to be sentenced to death by the Yaoundé Military Tribunal. If Bishop Albert Ndongmo was sentenced to death for aiding the maquis, then what more of the ambazonia terrorists?

    Mr Biya, negotiating or dialoguing with ambazonia terrorists would be a stab in the back (“murder in the cathedral”), a world of betrayal of the majority Anglophone patriots who have borne the brunt of ambazonia terrorism. Do not negotiate or dialogue with ambazonia terrorist group, for the silent majority will be incensed and you might never regain their goodwill. Act decisively like Mr Ahidjo did for ONE AND INVISIBLE CAMEROON.

  3. Dr. Jon Levy

    July 9, 2019 at 3:26 PM

    Those who agitate for disunity are doing the work of the enemy.

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