US Congress Fully Backs Ambassador’s Outing Against Paul Biya


The US Ambassador’s Outing Against Paul Biya, Was Fully Backed by Congress.

Facts have now emerged to confirm that, the outing of the US Ambassador to La Republique du Cameroun, in which he correctly advised the colonial President to begin thinking of his legacy, and heavily indicted the rogue regime of atrocities against Ambazonians, had the full backing of the US Congress. In fact, Ambassador Henry Berlerin, who was viciously ridiculed by the colonial regime and its praise singers, was simply delivering the message to Paul Biya, as handed to him by the People’s representatives in a letter dated February 9, 2018 and signed by four of the Lawmakers.

In the said letter, the Congress Men had instructed the Ambassador to tell the blood sucking dictator that, after spending more than 35 years in office as President of the Banana Republic, a new leadership is necessary for governance improvements.

“We respect the rights of Cameroonians to select their leaders and note that the past Presidential elections have been marred by allegations of fraud, electoral institutions bias, and an unfair playing field. We note that the political process is heavily controlled by President Biya and his party, and that the State Department’s Country Report on Human Rights covering Cameroon’s last presidential elections, in 2011, assessed the contest to have been “flawed by irregularities, including the failure to properly distribute all voter cards, late opening of polling stations, multiple voting, ballot-box stuffing, the absence of indelible ink, and intimidation of voters.” The most recent Human Right Report notes “restrictions of freedom of expression” as a top human right concern, and states that “opposition and civil society activists were harassed, detained and denied the right to assemble or operate by the government.” … After 35 years, new leadership is necessary for governance improvements” the letter stated in part.

Concerning the revolutionary conflict in Ambazonia, the Ambassador’s Press Statement after meeting the colonial President, Paul Biya on the eve of May 20, 2018 was also in tandem with the letter of the congress men. The lawmakers had in the letter condemned violence on both sides, and particularly the disproportionate use of force and military power by the colonial terrorist forces. They singled out the BIR, which they noted, has been notorious for many human right atrocities in Ambazonia, and in the North of La Republique.

“…Given that certain units of the BIR operating in the North have been found ineligible for assistance under the Leahy law due to human rights abuses, we ask that rigorous scrutiny be applied to the BIR and any other security forces operating in the Anglophone regions, to ensure that U.S assistance is not abetting violation of Cameroonians’ rights. Further, we respectfully ask you to convey the message that security force abuses can exacerbate resentments that fuel instability, and work with your partners both in the U.S military and among like-minded embassies to emphasize the need for respect for basic rights in the Anglophone regions” the letter added.

It is important to state that the letter of the Congress Men and Women, to the US Ambassador to LRC, was followed by another letter to the then U.S Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson and signed by Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy, III, in which he condemned the forceful displacement of 40,000 Ambazonians by the colonial regime, to Nigeria as refugees. He also frowned at the summary execution of innocent Ambalanders, the burning of villages and the alleged illegal deportation of President Sissiku Ayuk-Tabe and Co to LRC in violation of international humanitarian law. He concluded by calling on the Secretary of State to prevailed on the imperialist regime to stop the abuses on Ambazonians.

From the above, it is evidently clear that the Ambassador, was simply a messenger bearing a message from his country. A message coming from the direct representatives of the American people, whose tax resources have been used over time to fund the colonial regime in different aspects, including the recent gift of two military jets, which have been strictly prohibited from being used in the aimless war in Ambazonia.

The rogue regime and its surrogates had risen up in vilification of the Ambassador for his message, which many people consider as the open truth and a message of good will, for the interest of the colonial republic. Unknown to them, there was a bigger hand behind the messenger bearer.

After aimless and baseless rantings by the limping regime and it sponsored press organs, will the colonial President be willing to bow to the pressure of the US Congress? Is he ready to end is carnage and genocide in Ambazonia? Is the independence and sovereignty of the so-called state being asserted only when it comes to issues such as the advice of the U.S Congress? What about also asserting State sovereignty, by refusing to receive financial and military aid from same America?

BaretaNews political desk considers such political tantrums as the last kicks of a dying horse. Whether the regime yields to the counsel of the US Congress or not, Ambazonia shall humble the Etoudi king and the people of Ambaland shall live free in the absence of Paul Biya and a colonial state of LRC.


James Agbor

BaretaNews Political Analyst



  1. Sunshine

    May 29, 2018 at 4:20 AM

    biya the foolish lrc king will surely be humiliated

    A humiliated biya is soon to be the outcome of a foolish proud king who does not listen. biya’s hate for Ambazonians is well known and documented during his 35 years rule. biya’s declaration of war on innocent Ambazonians will be paid for in full when the chips start to fall. I would advise all Ambazonians to keep good records of the mayhem the bir soldiers are inflicting on Ambazonians at the moment.

    Our gratitude to the ADF and all defense groups in Ambazonia. You have done well so far to keep biya’s well trained bir soldiers (dogs) at bay. Beginning June 1, biya’s bir will surely know why they should not be in Ambazonia. The USA has already cautioned biya and his dogs of war. Ambazonians will fight to win. It’s Ambazonia or Nothing.

  2. Shillah

    May 29, 2018 at 5:19 AM

    Us secretary of state Rex Tillerson 😂😂😂😂 the man was pushed out long ago be4 us ambassador meeting wit Biya. U ambazozo r crazy funny. Anything to keep u in ur dream

  3. George

    May 29, 2018 at 6:57 AM

    The press interview of ambassador Barlerin was a well planned move by the US administration. They and other Western powers, including France, are increasingly fed up with the Biya regime. The rejection of any negotiations or even dialogue will drag both Cameroons more down. If not solved, the “Anglophone Conflict” might cause a break up of Cameroon in general. There is no succession plan for Biya. It is very unlikely that other tribes such as Bamileke or Northerners will accept the Beti/Bulu/Ewondo conglomerate to continue their reign over Cameroon. The annexion and submission of the Southern Cameroons, the abuse of that region to transfer unemployed Francophones was for many years a valve to release internal pressure. The ongoing conflict and the rising violence make that obsolete. The US administration understands that a radical restructering of that state is overdue.

    The regime with its paid trolls is still in denial mode. They call Ambazonians terrorists or dreamers. But the split up of the country is real. There was enough time for state building. Instead greed, personal enrichment, tribal interests and the exploitation of our natural ressources had priority. The policy of national integration which was in fact the assimilation of the Southern Cameroons has completely failed. The anglophone insurrection is the effect and not the cause of that failure.

  4. bamenda boy

    May 29, 2018 at 7:04 AM





  5. Nkongho

    May 29, 2018 at 4:06 PM

    Thanks to God almighty and the US Congress house

  6. Mukong

    May 29, 2018 at 4:48 PM

    Talk of a people who by design are just plain incorrigible fools; then look no further than in LRC. You have this Beti thug, who killed his first wife and then married a public latrine and he in applauded by his kinsmen. He is living in a compound that was constructed by Lucifer Ahidjo and his kinsmen think the thug is the greatest gift to them. He is surrounded by terrorists called Rapid Intervention Brigade and his kinsmen are very fine with that. He will spend a fortune to buy a bullet plated car yet his kinsmen will sheepishly come to this forum and ask for Diasporas to come home and fight so that LRC should have a field day celebrating another Nera hotel fiasco.
    To these Beti criminals know that war is fought from many fronts if at all you can comprehend anything. By our sheer will power we will prevail over stupidity.

  7. ndolloz

    May 31, 2018 at 4:46 PM

    @bamenda boy you are such a bitch!you alone is very stupid!as a slave from SW/NW pay your Levy,fund the struggle,grow up or curl back into your dirty cave!why don’t you go and fight like those brave men and women in Ambaland on ground zero fighting for freedom?you are a weak pathetic lrc slave who has the audacity to comment on this platform insulting millions of Southern Cameroonians patriotism,yet cannot do so in your dirty shithloe,banana lrc voiceless, lying crtv station or any platform in Cameroon,all Cameroonian citizens are frightful of butcher Biya and his regime,keyboard technology has more power than the dying murderous biya regime,SCs diaspora keyboard warriors are united with brave patriotic Ambazonians on the ground they will teach the colonial french puppet regime the power of technology and civilisation,the struggle will continues till end goals!long live the Republic of Ambazonia!good riddance bad rubbish french Cameroon

  8. John Adeagbo

    October 1, 2018 at 7:32 PM

    Unshakable Transparency Accountability For Democracy. Unity Freedom Peace. Anything Else Are Divisions? Excuses ? Mediocrity ? Abominations. Not Consequential Justice ! TRUISM INTERNATIONAL

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