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Community Mobilisation: Southern Cameroonians Home Must Get A Whistle






Community Mobilisation: Buy your whistle, be your brothers keeper-Must Read and Share.

A sent and culled Message

Yesterday, I spoke to a close friend in Cameroon. A respected Physician, had gone to Yoke, near Muyuka, to negotiate for several loads of sand, since he was building. He went to a bar to wait for the middle man, who was negotiating the transaction for him. When he stepped into the bar, there were 2 men drinking. He got his own drink and sat down, to wait for the middle man.

The 2 men started discussing the Anglophone problems and school closure, acting as if they were sympathetic to the cause. He joined them in their conversation, stating that things can not continue as they are. He gave an example in the ministry of health where he works, the Francophones have taken over completely, their children leave CUSS and are posted to Anglophone zones with no mastery of English. They need to work for a couple of years then they are made Directors. He gave the example of the Kumba General Hospital where a young Beti girl from CUSS was the Director meanwhile you have experienced Anglophone Physicians in the same Hospital who have specialized but are her subordinates.

He was so angry with the system and opined that since they are so perturbed by school closure, it means it is working and must be used as one of the tools to exert pressure to achieve our goals.
One of the men said he had heard enough, that he is the type of people they are looking for. He said he is a secret agent with the Police and that my friend was under arrest. They had their pick up van outside and they asked him to follow them to their van. He refused and asked for their identification, which they produced. They also showed him their pistols which they carried under their jacket. He asked for an arrest warrant, stating that we were not in a state of emergency and he knew his rights. They said they have rights to arrest at will and he must accompany them to the station. He refused and they both tried to force him into their van.

As they struggled, the commotion that ensured attracted a crowd which was hostile to the men. They quickly retreated.

This is what Cameroon has become, a police state where there is no right to free speech. Where the Police can seize your phone at any time to check your. contacts and communications. What crime did Agbor Balla commit, Justice Paul Ayah or Dr. Fontem Neba? Why are they still languishing in jail? How can you negotiate with a bunch of liars, whose only interest is to intimidate you to submission and continue to exploit your resources to their advantage. The only true negotiation can only be done through international mediators, La republique has no credibility and has continued to oppress our people, hoping to intimidate them to submission. All those talking negotiation with la republique are either very naive, ignorant or mischievous. All those in Cameroon who have tried to negotiate are either languishing in jail or on exile. Do I need to say any more?

Caution: Buy your whistle and defend each other

Mark Bareta.

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