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Common Law in La Republique: A Sarcastic Act Of Good Faith




BaretaNews extends goodwill message to government of Republique.

We took notice of a bill today passed by La Republique Parliament stating that common law will be used in judging “Anglophones” in all 8 regions in La Republique. Common law is already used in Southern Cameroons, la Republique colonised territory though they tried to truncate it which started the recent revolution.

BaretaNews believes it is good news to know that our citizens in a foreign country will be judged using common law practices away from the laws of that foreign country. We believe this is good for our citizens in La Republique because they will enjoy the trappings that come with common law. We heavily think that La Republique has done a favour to our citizens in La Republique. When you are in a foreign country, you are bound to be judged using the laws of that land so La Republique is extending a special favour to our citizens in La Republique. How will they identify who is an “Anglophone” in their country is left for them. BaretaNews thinks this is one of the fall outs of the struggle in La Republique. Our people in La Republique can now enjoy a little fall out but home is home that is why in no distant future, you all will come home to Southern Cameroons.

Unfortunately, our people in Southern Cameroons are more interested in La Republique withdrawing all her French judges in our courts, schools. Our people are more interested in a referendum to determine their future. Our people are more interested in taking charge of their affairs. Our people don’t want direct rule from Yaounde.

We, however congratulate La Republique for extending such a largese and act of good faith to our citizens in La Republique. However, we will condemn and fight against the act of arresting or abducting our citizens and taking them to a foreign country. We will resist the application of civil law in Southern Cameroons. Do not think we will reciprocate this gesture, at least not for now. Southern Cameroons is one and indivisible.

Our struggle continues.

Mark Bareta.

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