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The Colonizer is Begging Southern Cameroons to Give Yaounde One Last Dance of Death













The Colonizer is Begging Southern Cameroons to Give Yaounde One Last Dance of Death
By Ntumfoyn Boh Herbert (Yindo Toh)
Spokesperson, MoRISC

@Paul N. Simo, Esq. – Thank you for putting together and publishing your piece on the law of war. Hopefully, as many of our people read it and, even more importantly, as many of our people as possible put your recommendations into practice.

One of the undisclosed aims of the missions abroad by the colonizer over the last fortnight was precisely to make such a case against our struggle to some of our host countries. The colonizer’s delegations dealt with that item in official meetings, held behind closed doors. The criminal regime in Yaounde took these trips in order to play the victim card, desperately seeking justice. That is why the colonizer sent its Minister of Justice, not the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The colonizer knew, setting out from Yaounde, that they have little credibility. So, it was important to engineer a narrative that could sound believable.

As on the home front, where heavily armed soldiers of LRC are deployed to guard schools and markets just so that the same soldiers can facilitate their torching by “agents provocateurs” of LRC, the Diaspora witnessed persons faking support for our struggle. They came straight out of the woodwork. They were under no directives from any of the main groups in our just struggle. The protests were not called by the main groups in our struggle and they were exactly intended to cross all kinds of lines in the sand.

The outcome of this past two weeks of protest can surprise only the gullible. Unlike demonstrators under directives from our main groups, the individuals who descended on embassy compounds committed and/or cheered on as they trespassed on embassy property; as they destroyed embassy property such as taking down and burning a flag in Ottawa; as they even wrestled with or resisted the police called in to try to restrain them. We saw video of these individuals disrespect an ambassador and heard stories of some of them reportedly threatening some embassy personnel.

The events of the past fortnight are not an accident or happenstance. The colonizer so desired and engineered this outcome that when it was not achieved in Washington, DC, the regime in Yaounde and its sympathizers could be heard sighing in despair. The failure of the provocation in Washington, DC, imposed a correction of course in other capitals. The colonizer made assurance double sure in triggering the outrage they so desperately desired. The next four embassies produced exactly the video outrage the colonizer needed to serve up to the host countries.

With the restoration agenda winning more sympathy worldwide and October 1st closing in on them, there could not have been a better time for LRC to try to stage a comeback by painting our supporters as extremists, terrorists, hooligans, etc. The ambassador to Canada served up that description in a video clip carefully filmed and widely disseminated by LRC. Our supporters, the video clip claims, are educated, live in some of the most civilized nations on earth, should know better about the rule of law, yet act like brutes and little better than criminals.

The regime was losing the battle on the diplomatic front and was dying to stage some form of comeback. They turned to a familiar political playbook. The same book of propaganda and lies from which they read when they callously torched homes across the Northern Zone of Southern Cameroons in order to distract from their election hold-up against the opposition SDF and justify the imposition of a state of emergency. The loser of the October 1992 presidential ballot snatched victory using repression to crush post-election riots led by well-known CPDM members who were never threatened, were never arrested and have never been charged with any crime. LRC can only play dirty as the events of the past two weeks have proven.

Whereas, all of our protests to this date have very intentionally bypassed and/or ignored stopping by anywhere near an embassy of LRC (obviously, because we seek nothing that the colonizer can possibly grant us), the last two weeks of protests were timed to coincide with visits of the delegations from Yaounde. They were held on tuff fully controlled by LRC. Their goal was to define our struggle in the most negative terms, using the most telling visuals possible. The colonizer controlled everything and could, therefore, confidently dictate the actions.

It is the colonizer who selected who to invite, including inviting those guests whose job was to stage the attacks. LRC carefully selected and knew every lead attacker. Members of the delegation prompted the attacks, for instance by rushing some of the attendees at the meeting in Brussels with a chair. They topped it up with some skillful Hollywood acting, such as a member of the delegation going down and assuming the posture of a “passed out” person, maintains that position until he got an ambulance to the scene. The lead attackers and LRC knew that they needed only to trigger the action for the righteous indignation some unwitting followers felt to push them into seeking a piece of the action, as in any madding crowd.

At the mission in Ottawa, the colonizer found a Francophone (who else?) to show up the morning after, passport in hand, to dramatize via Facebook the kind of outrage the colonizer hopes all Francophones across the world can have against Southern Cameroonians for desecrating their embassy and for taking down and burning their flag. It had to be Canada, where the population of Francophones is far above Southern Cameroonians. By the time the videos were in circulation on the Internet, the lead attackers, hired by LRC, were on their way to safety, possibly headed back to the Cameroons. The Facebook hero of the “one, and indivisible Cameroon” took over to try to beat the drums for a “war of national unity” in which, the regime hopes, millions of Francophones, if not ALL Francophones, can enlist in the lynching of the second class citizens guilty of being born on the wrong side of the River Mungo.

The common denominator shared by the perpetrators of these attacks at embassies abroad with those torching schools and markets back n the homeland is that they really do not belong in our struggle. Given a chance to speak on TV, the “attackers-in-chief” proved not to know much about and could not even speak up in favor of the restoration of independence. No surprise that these individuals were under no direction from any of the main groups in our struggle. Remarkably, the protests were neither called nor led by any of our main groups. The venue and times for such meetings were determined by the colonizer and kept under wraps from our main groups. None of the leaders of our main groups was invited to participate in the so-called dialogue.

Instead, lists crafted by the colonizer, full of regime sympathizers and collaborators, along with well-known CPDM members and others clearly “on commando mission” were cleared for attendance and admitted on the premises of the embassies. A sprinkle of genuine supporters of our struggle watched in horror at the brazen and virulent nature of the acts by the lead attackers sponsored by LRC. These attackers focused on doing as much damage as possible to a foreign mission. LRC wanted to and has successfully put the host countries in a situation where they must be writing apologies to LRC for failing to defend their embassies and diplomatic personnel.

Again, only the gullible would be fooled. Not those of us who know that LRC has always had its “agents provocateurs” at all previous protests abroad. LRC has always had its secret agents in the crowds. These are the individuals whom our people unmasked at protests in New York and Washington before and turned over to New York Police in one instance. Those who perpetrated the acts of the last two weeks most likely travelled on diplomatic passports (as did the others); their travelled at tax payers’ expense, and they came armed to the teeth (as did those turned over to the police in New York), etc. They came charged with creating the evidence LRC so desperately needs in order to incriminate our struggle.

The colonizer has caught up, but it has hardly improved on its crude tactics. In the 1990s, they planted youngsters whom they arrested and caused to confess that they were drugged to commit arson. We saw LRC staged the torching of the market in Victoria (Limbe) and claim that the arsonist was paid by people in the Diaspora. LRC has recruited individuals from out of the Cameroons contacting our leaders and volunteering to lead violent campaigns on the home front. Today, the colonizer is using the same old and failed methods that they deployed in the hope of incriminating leaders of the Consortium.

In the age of the Internet, the regime has now caught up with social media. Agents of LRC are all over the Internet, laying baits (by advocating crimes in the name of the struggle) and celebrating arson once their field agents have implemented it. We have heard agents of LRC on “live” online TV shows (with Dr. Akwanga once, for instance) shedding crocodile tears reportedly from within a classroom in the heart of Yaounde, according to that particular caller. Prompted by another voice, the fake lady supporter on that show with Dr. Akwanga could be heard urging Dr. Akwanga to stop talking about violence, and just get them the weapons they are begging for into the Cameroons in order to “teach LRC a lesson”.

Several of these fake supporters of our cause, are on all of our fora, writing under pen names, using mostly mobile phone numbers registered in the Cameroons and persistently calling for violence or cheering on acts of arson perpetrated by so-called Vipers, Black Cats, Red Cats and whatever other evil forces that LRC has created. Some of the pen names work for the online propaganda wing of the colonizer’s ministry of communications or for its Secret and Political Police.

Over the last fortnight, the other objective of the missions by LRC to foreign capitals was to “demonstrate” that while Yaounde is supposedly desperately offering dialogue, the only thing our supporters want is violence and “Zero Dialogue”. After this fortnight, the colonizer is telling foreign governments that Bobe of them in their right senses would dialogue with such hooligans.

At MoRISC, we knew from the very onset, based on experience from the 1990s, that LRC will resort to this strategy. That is why we insisted on disclosing a detailed Roadmap. We will continue to ring those alarm bells and to encourage all true supporters of our struggle to commit to only peaceful, legal, non-violent and diplomatic means to achieving restoration. For, indeed, as the learned counsel puts it so aptly: “Just causes could be marred by the use of unjust means.” In our case, LRC is using its “agents provocateurs” to give our just cause a bad name. We must resist them and prevent them from derailing our train ride to freedom in Buea.


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