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Colonial President Paul Biya Visits China, Scraps Business Forum Fearing Protests






After the cancellation of the Cameroun business Forum in China which left Cameroun denizens in tatars after paying flights and booking hotels, the colonial government in a statement issued to the public on Tuesday March 20, by the diplomatic envoy of La Republique to China, Ambassador Martin Mpana confirms that the state visit of the Colonial President Paul Biya on the invitation of President Xi Jinping of the People’s Republic of China will not be meeting the Cameroun community after earlier plans to do so. It is suggested that with a strong base of Ambazonians in China, Biya wants to wade off any form of direct questionings or confrontation from Ambazonians who may come under the tagg of Cameroonian Community as well as moderates Cameroounese who are bothered about the state of affairs in the Cameroons. Biya as usual want to keep a clean diplomatic sheet thus angering his Camerounese and CPDM thugs/students in China

According to the document released, the colonial president’s official visit kicks off on March 22 through 24 but reports of the state-broadcaster CRTV shows Paul Biya has already left Yaounde and is already in China prior to his scheduled time of visit.

The announcement made it clear that Colonial President will not be meeting with the Camerounese community living in China in no capacity whatsoever. Meaning the Business Economic Forum which has long been planned to take place during Paul Biya’s official visit has been cancelled. Flight plans and hotel reservations by some Camerounese who desired to partake in the seminar has to be canceled. Had it been Ambassador Mpana had given a reason for such a last-minute cancelation, the avenue for any kind of speculation would have been avoided but when other heads-of-state have used their trips abroad as a sales pitch to create business opportunities and boost investments back home, the colonial president has taken his China trip as yet another personal vacation, wasting taxpayers money in the process like he’s done for the last 35 years without scrutiny and accountability.

Refusing to meet with the Camerounese Community residing in China could still be part of the colonial president’s way of avoiding direct confrontation on foreign soil. The anger oozing from citizens of Ambazonia prepared to storm wherever he’d planned to make a stop during his official visit in the world’s most populous country. Reports reaching BaretaNews desk indicates Ambazonians are quite prepared to disrupt the venue in defiance and protest as the violence in Ground Zero continue since his declaration of war on Southern Cameroons.



Neba Benson,

BaretaNews Foreign Correspondent/Analyst


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