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Colonial Okalia In Search Of His Dogs In Nigeria Sent Back To Buea









Benard Okalia Bilai, in Nigeria in Search of Strayed Dogs

This afternoon, 19th December, 2017, the Colonial Governor of the Southern zone of Ambazonia, was reportedly on his way to Nigeria, through Ekok, purportedly to distribute relief supplies to Ambazonian Refugees, whom he and his dying master, Paul Biya, willfully and brutally chased from their villages into Nigeria. According to reports, the colonial governor who says Ambazonians are dogs that must be caged, had already left Buea, at around 12:13 PM, Amba time.

According to Senior Ambazonian Journalist, Comrade John Mbah Akuroh, Okalia’s purported relief supplies, could well be poisoned gifts and the visit itself a veiled ploy to chase after young Ambazonians running to safety. If their colonial forces could trespass into Nigerian territory to arrests young Nigerians and Ambazonians, what convincing proof is there that this seemingly humanitarian mission of his, is not a seductive evil mission?

Isn’t it suspicious that, a supposed Governor of a people, who described them as dogs, because they dared to peacefully demand what is duly theirs, did not apologized to the people till date, but further connived with his boss and subordinate to drive the same people out of their homes and killed some, has suddenly become so caring, to the extent of searching for his runaway people to give them food? Only a desperately dangerous and wicked dog owner will want to lure his runaway dogs right into a foreign land, to completely eliminate them, even after the dogs have successfully ran away from his heartless brutality.

So long as Okalia and his colonial authorities have shown no regrets for driving peaceful Ambazonians out of their comfortable homes; So long as their declared war on the peaceful people of Manyu in particular and Ambazonia in general is still on, so long as they still see all Ambazonians fighting for their freedoms as secessionist terrorists, it is therefore suicidal for any refugee to collect any relief materials from him and his government. If that was the decision taken at their last conference of colonial governors in Yaoundé, then they have failed. A state fighting terrorism does not supply relief materials to terrorists refugees in good faith.

At Press time, BaretaNews had confirmed reports that the Nigerian Immigration Service at the Nfum border post, had intercepted the colonial delegation with their poisoned trucks of gifts, and asked to go back with them to the Cameroons. This was after Ambazonians in in Ikom, Nigeria raised an alarm to the Nigerian immigration authorities. Colonial Okalia was reportedly asked to make an official request to visit the refugees, through the right diplomatic channels in Abuja.

It is position of BaretaNews that the people of Ambazonia in those refugee camps must give the colonial governor the highest humiliation of his life, if the delegation finally succeed to enter Nigeria. Even if for curtsey sake the people are compelled by the Nigerian authorities to listen to him (should he ever come there), any material in the name of relief supply MUST BE SET ABLAZE before he leaves the scene.

If so called governor and his wicked government authorities truly cared for Southern Cameroonians/Ambazonians, as citizens of their illusionary one and indivisible Cameroun, this crisis shouldn’t be where it is today.

At this juncture, Ambazonians shall no longer tolerate slavery. It is time for freedom and the time is now.

Agbor James, BaretaNews Political Analyst

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