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Colonial Officer Escapes Arrest, Abandons Car in Meluf



mass murder scheme in ambazonia




In Meluf, a few miles from the city of Kumbo, a colonial police officer whose name we cannot get at press time late last night cheated death but he was fortunate to make away with his life during the incident less for his abandoned car which was vandalized by unidentified men

In a tweet made by Senior Journalist Mimi Mefo of Equinox, the reporter writes ”A police officer in Kumbo has cheated death in an attack last night in Meluf on the outskirts of the town. In a fierce confrontation between the soldier and some unknown armed men, the policeman succeeded to escape but his vehicle was vandalised”.

The last few months have seen deteriorating circumstances as the conflict in the Federal Republic of Ambazonia further escalates. Restoration forces have now rendered the land ungovernable for both colonial administrators and security forces alike.

Hundreds of lives have been lost as La Republique continue with its scorch-earth campaign of burning houses, torching of motorbikes killings of unarmed civilians, looting, and raiding of homes.

Ever since restoration forces arrested the colonial DO of Batibo, social affair’s delegate of Northern Zone and the shortlived apprehension of Ivo Leke Tambo, the GCE Board Chairman, not counting the fatal fate of LRC forces who’ve been deployed to terrorize Ambazonia, security officers now live and work in fear.

As of now, no particular group among the various restoration forces fighting for a free and independent Ambazonia have claimed responsibility for the attempt on the colonial officer’s life.



Neba Benson,

BaretaNews Foreign Correspondent/Analyst





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