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Ekema Patrick in Double Troubles; Nemesis?









The colonial Mayor of Buea, has been accused of Sacrificing his two brothers on the occultism alter of a political reelection drive. These accusations are coming at a time when the colonial governor of the Southern Zone of Ambazonia, Bernard Okalia Bilai, is crookedly trying to use his position to rescue the colonial slave boy from the wrath of the law, after a University of Buea Senate investigation committee recently indicted him of certificate forgery.

The two deceased brothers of the colonial mayor were among three other victims who perished in a ghastly motor accident at the Ombe bridge, towards Victoria, the Port City of Ambazonia. The five men who are alleged to be all, workers of the Buea Council, where Ekema Patrick is colonial mayor, were said to have been returning from a birth day party in Victoria, when their luxurious car crashed on the bridge into the valley. The population of Buea, after hearing the news on Sunday thronged the Buea hospital morgue to identify the victims.

As sadness filled the atmosphere, gossip conversations in small groups pointed to different possible causes of the sad incident. Some said the young men were heavily intoxicated with alcohol, especially as a partially consumed bottle of whisky was found in the wreckage of their car. Others pointed fingers at the occultism and spiritism practices of the colonial mayor which are allegedly often in public glare. A young man was overhead in one of the small gossip groups saying;

“…Chai, Ekema don already sacrifice this one them for CPDM reelection. Massa this one no be any coincidence say all of them na council workers and two of them na he brothers”

“… Sister, this is unbelievable,…see handsome boys just gone like that… I am suspecting Ekema. Since he ran away from God and became a member of that cult where they openly hold meetings at mile 15, I have been afraid of him. This should be his own election sacrifice, I’m sure…” a lady in one of the groups told her friends.

Some other denizens of Buea, are however associating the fatality that befell the deceased men to their unholy and extortionist activities within the Buea municipality, as collaborators of the Mayor. The two brothers of the Mayor, one of them being the market master of Muea Market, are particularly accused of extorting huge sums of monies from traders in the Market as Market construction fee, but since then, there is no sign of any construction ongoing in the market.

In the main time, the colonial Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai has asked a Buea based lawyer to file an injunction at the Buea High Court to prevent the University of Buea from speaking out or taking action against the certificates forgery scandal hanging on the colonial Mayor, Ekema Patrick. It is important to note that, the University Senate came to a unanimous conclusion to revoke all certificates awarded to Ekema Patrick and a letter has been sent to the colonial Minister of Higher Education requesting his approval of the decision. Ekema will also have to repay all the monies earned as an employee of the university, on the basis of his fake certificates.

However, the evil colonial networks are currently working to ensure that the slave boy escapes justice.

It appears nemesis is gradually catching up with the traitor of the Ambazonian revolution. The troubles are just coming from every direction and he may not be able to survive them politically. He can use the colonial architecture to escape Justice just for now. So long as Ambazonia shall be free, he must account for his academic mafias one day.

James Agbor,

Political Analyst-BaretaNews

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