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Colonial Governor’s Ban Leaves Thousands Stranded In Bamenda



Colonial Governor’s Ban Leaves Thousands Stranded In Bamenda

By Mbah Godlove

Thousands of Ambazonians have been forced to sleep on the bus after colonial soldiers barred them from traveling out of the Northern zone.

Buses belonging to different travel agencies were stopped at Akum as they drove out of the Northern zone this Tuesday, December 14.

French Cameroun soldiers at the Akum control post reportedly asked the drivers to return to their various agencies, claiming that the colonial Governor had banned vehicles from leaving the Northern zone after 6 pm till further notice.

The action left thousands of Ambazonians stranded on Tuesday evening as they were left with no option but to pass the night on the bus

Sources say the French Cameroun colonial administrator of the Northern zone banned night travels in and out of Bamenda from December 14 till further notice.

It remains unclear the exact reason behind the ban but suspicion is high that the move is not unconnected to rising insecurity.

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