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Colonial Disbanded AFCON: Buea Business Operators Pay Price For Dishonoring Curfew



Colonial Disbanded AFCON: Buea Business Operators Pay Price For Dishonoring Curfew

By Mbah Godlove

Some economic operators in Buea, the capital of Ambazonia have badly been affected by a recent curfew imposed by French Cameroun in view of the disbanded Africa Cup of Nations.

Going by a communique signed by the colonial SDO for Fako county recently, some business activities including bars, restaurants, and nightclubs are restricted from operating after 6 pm.

The said ban which has widely been criticized by economists will only end After the disbanded AFCON, the colonial SDO has said.

Earlier this week, French Cameroun police and gendarmes went round from one locality to another with heavily loaded guns to ensure the implementation of the order.

Arbitrary artist, torture, and economic extortion of youth characterized the process.

If the colonial government was a good one, commercial activities would not have been restricted at such a crush moment in the of life a Nation, business Operators in Buea have said.

The colonial ban on economic activities in Buea came after Ambazonia Forces reiterated their stance that, the AFCON was not going to stage on Ambazonian soil.

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