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Colonial Administrators Order Fons To Perform Traditional Rites Against Ambazonia








Colonial Administrators Order Fons To Perform Traditional Rites Against Ambazonia

On Friday 16/02/2018, Eric Acha rights activist reported that the administration in the Northern zone are forcing Fons to perform traditional rites to counter the Ambazonia liberation movements and soldiers. We are told most of the Fons though are reluctant, they have come under enormous pressure to do that by the administration. Eric went further requesting us to call our Fons to warn them against doing such. It is no news that Fons and Chiefs in both zones in Ambazonia have all become crying babies in front of the colonial administration, their lands, culture and denizens are stolen, beaten, maimed, killed, beheaded etc in front of them without them doing anything. Some of them have become accomplices of the regime. Just like the chiefs in Mbonge areas are on the run, Fons and other chiefs must know that traditions ends where the liberation of Ambazonia starts. Below is the text as written by Eric Acha. Read on.

This may come as a surprise to many, but I have been reliably informed that NW
Fons (especially those from Momo) are under enormous pressure from the governor’s office to perform traditional rites in order to counter the invisible separatists fighters.

The fons from Momo have been singled out to perform the rites so as to enable the return of the abducted DO, or face the wrath of the Force Special d’Intervention, who are now on stand by in and around Batibo. This explains the ongoing panic and anxeity in the community. Let no blood spill in Batibo.

It is reported that most of the fons have rejected the request, but the pressure is on them. Call your Fons or send them words of encouragement if you can, to help them resist this unwarranted intimidations and a well crafted plot to set a conflict between the Fons and their subjects. Remember the Fon of Nyenjei was recently whisked away by Gendames for protection when his subjects got hold of his collusion with the administration.

The question is: Since when did the governmemt start requiring traditional rulers to perform traditional rites as a way of dealing with adminstrative and political crisis of this nature? How low again can this regime go?

The whereabout of the abducted DO of Batibo remains unknown as of now.

#ZeroElections #FreeAllArrested #DialogueNow

Eric Acha 16/02/2018

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