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Coffin Revolution 3rd Anniversary: The struggle three years on



Coffin Revolution 3rd Anniversary: The struggle three years on

By Mbah Godlove

Thursday November 21 clocks exactly three years since incarcerated Ambazonian activist, Mancho Bibixy started up a liberation campaign dubbed the “Coffin Revolution.

On this day in 2016, Mancho Bibixy Aka the fearless addressed a crowd on the plights of Southern Cameroonians while in a coffin in the Northern Zone’s capital, Bamenda.

The journalist cum History teacher unequivocally declared that Anglophone’s marginalisation had reached its Apex, and that, he was not going to sit and watch the situation worsened day after day.

He overtly lampooned the city’s colonial Government Delegate for deplorable road conditions and filth which had become the new normal.

The renowned and outspoken Bibixy told the onlookers that he would better die than watch the colonial regime completely wipe out the identify of Southern Cameroonians.

“I vowed it will not happen in my lifetime,” he strongly stated.

Many Ambazonians have credited the former Abakwa FM Radio Host and comedian for activating the engine of the ongoing liberation war.

Months after launching the coffin revolution, Mancho Bibixy was arrested by the occupational government of La Republique du Cameroun.

He was illegally charged for crimes ranging from rebellion, seduction and non possession of identification card before being slammed a 15 year jail term.

Have Key Actors In The Struggle Respected The Coffin Revolution Philosophy?

When Mancho Bibixy started the coffin revolution, many an Ambazonian thought it was going to spur Southern Cameroonian activists towards fighting for liberation.

Months after the illegal arrest and deportation of Ambazonia’s Interim President, Sisiku Julius Ayuktabe and co, from Nigeria to French Cameroun in January 2018, hate speech, power tussle, embezzlement, disunity, self aggrandizement, and backstabbing inundated the “godly-ordained” struggle.

Infighting in some cases have broken out amongst Ambazonian fighters, most of which has been attributed to politics from the diaspora

Some unidentified persons parading as Pro-independence fighters have reportedly been tarnishing the struggle from the people’s fight to kidnapping ordinary citizens for heavy ransoms.

A recent occurrence where some groups in Bafut rain terror on the population, is one instance out of a myriad that have received heavy condemnation from Ambazonians in Ground Zero and in the Diaspora.

Despite efforts from patriotic activists such Muslim scholar, Abdul Karim to avert the status quo and redirect the struggle on the path of the coffin revolution, frontline leaders have seemingly remained adamant in their disunity as more atrocities surface day after day from Cameroun Forces.

Abdul Karim has continuously opined that, on the eve of a crucial mediation to be convened by the Swiss government, leaders should bury their differences and come together for the good of homeland.

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