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Coalition for Dialogue and Negotiation (CDN) Calls On UN SG TO Convene An Emergency Security Council



Burnings by Colonial Terrorist Soldiers in Ambazonia; Questions the UN Must Answer.



February 21, 2020-(London | Berlin | Washington D.C)–

The “Valentine’s Day Massacre” of pregnant women, babies, young children, and elderly Southern Cameroonians by the Cameroon military in Ngarbuh is the most blatant demonstration yet of crimes against humanity and genocide against Southern Cameroonians, as noted by some. Per eye witness reports, soldiers visited the village in the early hours of Valentine’s Day and proceeded to sequentially slaughter citizens, burning down their homes and burning some alive. By the end of this massacre, at least 35 people were confirmed dead including, as confirmed by the United Nations, 15 children and two heavily pregnant women.

The Coalition for Dialogue and Negotiation (CDN) joins the rest of the world in strongly condemning these horrendous and barbaric acts, which unfortunately is not the first of its kind by the army of the Government of Cameroon. While this massacre, like the previous ones, has received worldwide condemnation and the sympathy of the international community, the Coalition strongly believes it’s time for world leaders to take concrete actions to end this armed conflict and prevent further degeneration of an already dire humanitarian situation.

The Coalition strongly urges the United Nations Secretary-General, Mr. Antonio Gutteres, to convene an emergency Security Council meeting to directly address the root causes of this conflict. The Coalition also urges the governments of the United States, the United Kingdom, the German Federation, Canada, France and most especially the African Union, to take a more proactive role in seeking a permanent negotiated solution that addresses the root causes of this armed conflict.

The Coalition reiterates its stance for an inclusive third-party mediated negotiation that addresses the root causes of the conflict, as the only sustainable means of resolving the Southern Cameroons conflict. As such, the Coalition believes that the International Conference on the Armed Conflict in the Southern Cameroons, scheduled for March 19-21, 2020 in Washington DC would constitute a step in the right direction.

Contact: Kindly send all inquiries to Rick Ferreira, Executive Director at

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  1. Felix Bongjoh

    February 23, 2020 at 1:20 AM

    NGARBUH-NTUMBAW MASSACRE. There are likely to be further developments or genocidal schemes being plotted by the government of La Republique du Cameroun (LRC) against our people in AMBAZONIA. The truth about LRC is that it is the name given to the former East Cameroun following its independence on January 1, 1960. Subsequently, when it gained independence on October 1, 1961, British Southern Cameroun was known as West Cameroon. As time went on the truth about the two entities/countries underwent subtle distortions. Using intrigues, manipulations, outright repression and lies told to to the international community, Ahmadou Ahidjo, and subsequently Paul Biya, gradually diluted the so-called “union” comprising LRC (East Cameroun) and West Cameroon into LRC, of which West Cameroon is now being referred to as NW and SW regions, reducing an entire nation state into regions constituting part of another country, LRC (what was formerly East Cameroun). This is international fraud of the was order. It clearly violates basic principles of international law regarding the creation and extinction of states. This is where we are now. The situation has led to West Cameroon’s assertion of its autonomy and sovereignty as AMBAZONIA, a country former East Cameroun (now LRC) can never erase from the map, much as LRC wishes to do so. It will NEVER succeed in erasing AMBAZONIA, the new appellation for former West Cameroon. The world must dig further into reliable sources to understand that LRC and AMBAZONIA are two distinct countries that respectively gained independence as former colonial entities on January 1, 1960 and October 1, 1961. In view of the ongoing genocide mounted by LRC against Ambazonia, the world must appeal to its clear conscience and recognize AMBAZONIA and LRC as two separate and distinct countries, the only condition, on which both can only exist side by side peacefully as two sovereign nations respectful of each other’s rights and obligations.

  2. Mukong

    February 23, 2020 at 1:47 AM

    It smacks of absolute levity that anything good should be expected from the UN. What good is expect from a man who places more value on statuettes over human life and is the head of one of the most corrupt organization on planet earth. This is our problem and we must solve it our way by putting more emphasis on sugar cane and ground nuts (grah nuts) for use to defend the homeland. Our people deserve better as “Respect is earned and not demanded”.

  3. Sunshine

    February 23, 2020 at 4:02 AM

    Ambazonians are being annihilated by biya and gueteris/UN

    Gutteres is in BED with biya and CANNOT give Ambazonians any protection under the UN. Ambazonians must protect themselves. After biya killed 22,000 Ambazonians gutteres details biya to carry out an impartial investigation on the genocide on Ambazonians. For all the killing that have gone on since 2016, none of Gutteres’ biya investigations have been made known to any one. guetteres and biya have carefully orchestrated the genocide on Ambazonia to continue as beti assumuu and saddi tell the world that the BIR is killing off Ambazonians professionally.
    One of these days, the tables will turn on gutteres, biya and beti assumuu as the TRUTH finally trickles in. All Ambazonian deaths committed by biya’s forces shall be uncovered and dealt with honorably whether biya is alive or not. For now, let biya know that Southern Cameroon has nothing to do with him. To Ambazonians, BIYA IS THE DEMON OF DEATH!!!

  4. Sunshine

    February 23, 2020 at 6:23 AM

    biya’s SPEECH TO THE NATION in two weeks on the anglophone PROBLEM.

    1. biya, the yaounde dictator will go on TV in the next two weeks to declare to Ambazonians
    that (Lrc) cameroun is indivisible but made up of TWO COUNTRIES: la republic du
    cameroun and SOUTHERN CAMEROON.

    2. The declaration of war on Southern Cameroon was just to frighten them for two weeks.
    22,000 of them dead today was not in my initial plan. I am sorry.

    3. I was wrong to use the word “neutralize” on AmbaBoys. I would rather want the
    AmbaBoys to join the unity army if by now they are not all dead.

    4. I am very embarrassed and ashamed of myself. I will release President Sisiku and all
    arrested and imprisoned regarding the unfortunate decision I took.

    5. I will improve the Victoria deep Sea Port and Work on the Bamenda Ring Road starting
    March 2020.

    6. Sisiku will become the prime minister.

    7. The school of Administration will recruit more than 500 hundred students from Southern
    Cameroon who speak English.

    8. The two governors will be voted by the people of Southern Cameroon

    9. I will only withdraw the BIR is Amba boys lay down their guns or hand them over to the
    SDO. This is because I am very afraid Amba boys will start executing those that were
    against them during the war such as atanga nji, and a host of others.

    10. Because of the wealth in Southern Cameroon we can agree to share it as follows: 4% to
    Southern Cameroon and 6% to French Cameroon instead of all being swallowed up by
    French Cameroon as before. This shows that I am very generous.

    11. Please, Southern Cameroon will only stand to loose if they reject these terms because I
    am working with the UN, AU and France to make sure these statements are respected.

  5. Felix Bongjoh

    February 23, 2020 at 9:30 PM

    Mr. Biya may get away with anything but NOT a “one and indivisible” Cameroo(ou)n, a concept he invented to defy the undisputable truth of history that there are TWO CAMEROO(OU)NS, one of which is AMBAZONIA. NEVER SHALL WE CONCEDE TO ANYTHING LESS. No single Ambazonian will ever be part of La Republique du Cameroun. Ambazonia as a separate country is an AUTONOMOUS and SOVEREIGN entity. If Biya wishes to dance in circles, he may do so, while Ambazonians advance on a straight path to INDEPENDENCE AND COMPLETE SOVEREIGNTY.

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