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Certain events occur in life for us to know the true colours or nature of people, be they individuals, groups, an association, a missionary body, political organization or otherwise. The struggle for the restoration of the statehood of the Southern Cameroons has reached fever pitch such that the current stalemate between the restorationists of Ambazonia and the annexationist oppressor of La Republique du Cameroun has generated rousing concern as to whether schools should resume or not. In the recent weeks past, Christians of all the denominations existing in the Southern Cameroons have always been rejecting calls for a return to schools. They advance reasons that the rogue government of LRC has not taken any concrete measures to see into the problems of Southern Cameroonians. More so, they demand the unconditional release of all jailed Southern Cameroonians in the jails and torture dungeons of LRC.

A source writing to BaretaNews wrote, “Greetings bro. As update info parents having children in mission schools have been told that they will have a percentage reduction of fees if they register their kids. Presbyterian Schools. God bless u for all”. If this allegation is true and the church can go by it, then it will not be foolhardy to conclude that in yesteryears, the school had been exploiting and overcharging parents for school fees. At this period when the government is near the verge of collapse and money is difficult to come by, how do these church schools intend to cope with a reduction in school fees given that almost all prices of basic commodities have tripled and life is becoming very unbearable for parents and families?

Little wonder, most school authorities have been feeding fat, build and live in plush homes, ride luxurious cars to the detriment of the teachers and parents. Ever cared to examine the sordid state of the primary school teachers of the Presbyterian and Catholic churches, including the Baptists? It is unarguably true to conclude that the exorbitant charges imposed on parents for books, uniforms, boarding and tuition could actually have been tremendously scaled down if we have to invest in this kind of information.

One thing must be made abundantly clear, schools must not and shall not be allowed to resume in the Southern Cameroons when directed by La Republique du Cameroon. Parents must resist the pressures mounted by the government of La Republique du cameroun and await the announcement of the commencement of the Southern Cameroons Ambazonia Academic year soon after the Southern Cameroons Ambazonia Education Board (SCAEB) must have put in place a veritable curricula and timetable.

The schools/teachers started this struggle following the lawyers and must not be seen to be selfish in their intentions that look like depriving the common man in the streets from correcting this political evil once and for all. All schools including francophone institutions must not resume in the Southern Cameroons come September. Also, all sectors of the economy must join the fight for the restoration of our statehood including those in government, civil servants, politicians, doctors, nurses etc. It should not only be a teachers’, lawyers’ or common man’s problem.

Ambazonians shall resist and fight any individual, organization; private or public who/that dares violate strict orders to enforce this boycott. Alluta continua!

Ufa Ugynns
Momo County, reporting for BaretaNews

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