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Chris Anu Bashes Social Media Activists, Says Give Fako Restoration Forces A Break, Confirms LockDown Must Continue



Chris Anu, IG Communication Minister in a recently published note has bashed Social Media Activists who opposed the recent Lockdown imposed by Fako Restoration Forces. Chris says the activists going against the lockdown lacks the real understanding of what it really means. He went to say the lockdown is a success and it MUST continue so long as FESTAC lasts. Chris Anu emphatically stated that the Fako Lockdown was all about denying Victoria organizers the profits they could have made should more people leave the other areas to Victoria and was not all about a so-called green red yellow parade. continue reading below

Social media activists who have been quick to rush to their platforms to declare FESTAC lockdown a failure should be calling our Fako restoration forces with an apology. It is easy to run your mouths and condemn the boys who have their lives on the line to enforce lockdown and safe the revolution because you want to live in a different world – the wanner-be world of celebrities. Have some of you activists taken time to consider what lockdown success, especially the present case of FESTAC really means? You think success depends entirely on a deserted attendance or the absence of any festivities?

For your education, Lockdown on FESTAC has been very largely successful though the boys have not been able yet to completely shut it down. Have you considered how many millions of people would be in Victoria if transport from Muyuka to Tiko wasn’t shut down? Imagine how many will be there if there was traffic as usual from Mutengene to Victoria? Have you reflected on the millions in CFA that sponsors and the city will lose as a result of this lockdown measure? Please, give the boys a break, and credit them for the failure of FESTAC.

Limbe, as they like to call it, will bleed fiscally after this for their loses, thanks to Fako Restoration forces. With meagre resources, they have done their best in spite of the overwhelming presence of disguised terrorists LRC presence all over the city. If our boys had the right equipment, no one person would show up at that field, not even the terrorist soldiers. The boys must not give up now on the lockdown till FESTAC is officially over.

Organizers must be deprived of all the economic gains they anticipated to make, after all, FESTAC wasn’t all about parades and shows of foreign colors – the green, red, yellow. It was all about profit. I enjoin all activists to get out now and stand behind our Fako Restoration boys, raise their MORAL and not INDICT them. Nobody is paying them for the sacrifice. Get out there and uplift them, let’s together deprive those in Victoria who want to profit at the expense of our suffering people, every dime they hoped to earn through this festival.

C. Anu

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