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Horror in Douala : Gunmen Shoot Chinese National to Death




The Cameroons community in Douala and its environ remain in disbelief as news of the shooting of a Chinese national by name Weh Wah Wih circulates. He was 34 years old. He was shot by unidentified gunmen on Sunday, June 12th, 2016 several times.

Reports say the Chinese man is a businessman who is resident in Akwa, Douala. The gunman who was on a motorbike had him shot as the Chinese man was returning from the gym around Rue de la Joie. The Chinese man is said to have sought refuge at a nearby Chinese restaurant. Unfortunately for him, the gunmen fought their way through the restaurant where they shot him multiple times including the security guard. The Chinese gave up the ghost while rushed to the hospital. The security guard still lives.

The scenario brought the Asian community to the scene. They looked visibly disappointed and angry with the passing of their own. The gunmen left before the police could make their way. BaretaNews cannot tell what was the motive of shooting the Chinese to death. It is clear that it was a planned hit rather than men who wished to steal from him. It is fair to say that it could be a planned attacked from his business friend or probably the gunmen are fade up with Chinese taking over local Cameroonian businesses. These are just thoughts still to be proven.

However, the SDO of Wouri, Nacere Paul Bea, has pleaded for calm with the Chinese. He promised to get the culprits to book. Meanwhile, reports suggest that the two suspects have been arrested by security officials. They are presently being interrogated in Bonanjo.

BaretaNews hopes the culprits will be punished accordingly. The Chino-Cameroon relationship seems to be a good one. There is no need for Cameroonians to attack foreigners. Cameroonians must at all if they are angry turn it on the President, Paul Biya. He is the one who needs all the anger and frustration of the people.

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