Chief Barrister Ayah Paul Abine Shuts Up Lady Kah Wallah In An Epic Response

April 22, 2019


By Ayah Paul Abine

It is a celebrated fact that Camerouoon is often the world leader in the negative: corruption; state terrorism (violence); extra-judicial killings; inertia; DISTORTION OF HISTORY; and you name the rest!

And so did it come to pass that events in English Cameroon of only just yesterday are already being narrated today in new-fangled utterances. Naturally, we who didn’t go too far in scholarship can only raise queries for persons of great erudition to direct us. Yet does it seem that the law allows us to express ourselves in ignorance and/or dullness.

Banking on that, we do recollect, however vaguely, that the Anglophones marched on September 22, 2017, with ‘olive’ branches without anyone bearing the most rudimentary weapon but for one or two very elderly women with walking sticks – the third legs for support in the third age. We did watch on television how it all went peacefully all through.

On their way home in the evening, however, were the peaceful marchers attacked unprovoked, with fatalities resulting. We hold a report by the Catholic bishops of the Bamenda Ecclesiastical Province to the effect that some of the said unarmed peaceful marchers were massacred by bullets fired from helicopter gunships.

Within days was Buea under military invasion/occupation in anticipation of the further peaceful marches projected for October 1, 2017. The military did not even wait for the appointed date to start abductions couched in the euphemism ‘mass arrests’. Undeterred, the people still came out on October 1, 2017, but in the same peaceful manner without any weapons. This was now followed by open massacres, including breaking into houses and abducting the occupants or some of them. Shooting to kill on sight became arrogant, aggressive and systematic…

Aggressively and violently pushed against the wall, some persons began to fight back. We would not require anyone to argue for or against the principle of SELF-DEFENCE. All we can and do assert is that violence was consistently from one side up to this point in time: and the belligerent party is absolutely EVIDENT!

Operations on the field were soon transformed into the systematic killing of Anglophones, especially the young, and the burning down of Anglophone villages. One of the first villages in the long line was Kembong about the month of December, 2017, followed by Kwakwa… The situation went from the fry pan to the fire when, on his return from Abidjan, (was it?), the President of the Republic ‘declared war’, reading through some piece of paper right at the airport!


Therefore are we the dull; we the ignorant; we the half-educated ever at sea when the clever, the erudite and the descendants of King Solomon use the phrase TAKE UP ARMS with reference to the very unarmed peaceful marchers!!!

Who took up arms in the first place? Do ‘olive’ branches – ‘peace plants’ – meet the definition of ARMS? We were taught at our low level of scholarship about SELF-DEFENCE and the proportionality that does ground it.

Could someone explain these things to us in extra-mural terminology; in all honesty, disinterestedly, and in objectivity in order to dispel our doubts, please?





  1. Mukong

    April 22, 2019 at 5:07 PM

    Thank you Chief Justice Abine. Now we can see a father who is feeling the pains of his children, and not this stone cold woman call Kah Wallah.
    This again shows how it is often strange how when some Africans are in the company of Caucasians, one begins to see their level of ineptitude and callousness. Now instead of apologizing for her self serving statements in Washington, Kah Wallah only displayed her level of being an ignoramus by thumbing her chest at the suffering Ambazonian people.

    • Jon

      April 23, 2019 at 1:00 AM


      Ms Edith Walla spoke truth to power and she is being vilified by boneheads. Did the armed struggle sponsors in the diaspora not lie to the people when they said they will be in Buea on October 1, 2017 to join other to declare the sham independence? Did they not lie through their teeth when they said they were on board UN ships off the coast of Limbe? To the best of my knowledge, the UN doesn’t have ships, let alone ferrying terrorists to come and fraudulently declare a sham independence.

      Are amba terrorists not beheading, maiming, raping, torturing and tormenting other Anglophone Cameroonians? Are amba terrorists not kidnapping other Anglophone Cameroonians for hefty ransoms (millions of fcfa)? Are amba terrorists not chopping off the fingers and hands of school children and poor CDC labourers? So, what did Ms Edith Kah Walla say, which is not true?

      • Mola Fako

        April 23, 2019 at 6:10 AM

        Mr Jon, you just saved me time as i was about to write exactly what you wrote. You have in simple, clear and black and white explain what Kah Walla is trying to say. Because we sympathise with a struggle doesn’t mean we cannot speak the truth. She just simply spoke the truth. I don’t understand why she is being lambasted for speaking the truth. Mr Ayah Paul, no one is disputing the facts you have presented above, but it is far from what Kah Walla is trying to say. She knows those facts as well but the point she is trying to make is true and understandable. Please go back and listen to what she said and also to the audio she just published, explaining what she meant. Mr Ayah Paul with all due respect, you are wrong this time.

    • Jon

      April 23, 2019 at 1:16 AM

      Paul Ayah Abine is not a father who feels the pain of his children. He only lambasts the so-called lockdowns when his wife can’t buy fish from CONGELCAM to cook for him. He does not throw tantrums when people like Mr Pima are beheaded, when Ms Lydia in Muyuka is tortured and murdered, CDC labourers and school children have their fingers and hands chopped by amba terrorists. He throws tantrums only when his wife is not able to fish from CONGELCAM. What a SHAME!!! He wrote an encyclopaedia castigating the so-called lockdowns because of fish. FISH! FISH! FISH! No more fish from CONGELCAM, and he will curse the so-called ambazonia.

  2. Sunshine

    April 22, 2019 at 7:03 PM

    The detached despot of french cameroun.

    When a despot in the likes of bieya wages war war on a peaceful people, it thinks only of its stomach, and in arrogance believes some are the underclass that have to be trampled on. it just learned that arrogance and deception does not work all the time, not to talk of 36 years. now, this big fool of a president is texting and telling everyone that french cameroun is indivisible as though francophones don’t know. it can shout on the roof tops but that does not concern Ambazonia. Ambazonia is gone for good. Let it wallow in its ignorance and sewage thinking even french cameroun still bows to it.

  3. Aaron Nyangkwe

    April 23, 2019 at 6:48 AM

    Alias “Jon” so to you, Southern Cameroonians would have allowed themselves to bé slaughtered by goats by soldiers sent by Mr Biya? For your information, I was in thé car of thé Chief Post Forestry un Ndop. ( thé Guy IS from Bafia as hé told me) en route to Douala and Saw live, thé shooting of Women and killing of a young boy in Santa on September 22, 1917. Thèse Women and young ones that were shot un Santa had but little branches of thé Peace plant in their hands. If what danger to ” peace” was that ?
    How in a sane society will a leader order arms against people without arms in a situation where comfronting them for dialogue would have been the solution. Macron is directly talking to thé Gilet Jaunes in France but here, Mr Biya bélieve that Southern Cameroonians are Slaves that cannot bé listened to. Mr Man, that time is long passes. My Aunt Mami Appi of 83 years old was bientôt to dead in Kwa Kwa because she took UP arms, not so? Continue to Glow while Southern Cameroonians get Killed. However, there is an end to everything on this earth

    • Mbeuh

      April 23, 2019 at 11:41 AM

      Aaron Nyangkwe:

      “However, there is an end to everything on this earth”
      Spot on! An end to everything on earth INDEED! The killings will end some day. Biya’s rule too will end some day as it ended for Ahidjo. Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia) shall be free some day, detractors or not, nay sayers or not. For now, Aluta Continua.

    • Jon

      April 23, 2019 at 7:25 PM

      Mr Biya was NOT born when women were shot at, and a young boy was killed in Santa on SEPTEMBER 22, 1917.

  4. Jon

    April 23, 2019 at 9:11 PM

    Ms Edith Kahbang Walla Vs Mr Ayah Paul Abine
    Ms Walla is more honourable and truthful than the rabid dog and lightweight retired Justice Ayah. Ayah is a shyster, the tragedy of a man bereft of any moral compass, and a phoney old dragon.
    Ms Walla is a politician (the president of Cameroon People’s Party, CPP), entrepreneur (CEO of the firm STRATEGIES), and a social activist. She was recognized in 2008 by the World Bank as one of the seven influential women entrepreneurs in Africa (, received a Vital Voices Global Leadership Award in 2011 (, and she received the Diane von Furstenberg (DVF) Award in 2015. Her company, STRATEGIES employs at least 15 young Anglophone Cameroonians.
    Ms Walla speaks truth to power, but Mr Ayah is a pathological liar and distorter of facts, the strategy he used to extract bribes from Anglophone Cameroonians. He has been peddling the lie that the Cameroon Defence and Security Forces are out to kill him, yet, whenever he is in trouble at home, he phones the same Cameroon Defence and Security Forces to protect him. And they always show up. Why does he not call amba terrorists to protect him and his property? AN INGRATE (An ungrateful man)!!! DISHONESTY!!! HYPOCRISY!!!
    Mr Ayah spent all his working life doing Mr Biya’s bidding in courts in the North West and South West Regions where he jailed Anglophone Cameroonians, and surely, accepted bribes in administering justice and sold justice to the highest bidder. He retired on a handsome pension from LRC. HYPOCRITE!!! SHAMEFUL!!! Ms Walla have never done Mr Biya’s bidding and never sold justice to Anglophone Cameroonians. If LRC was so horrible why did Mr Ayah work for it for his entire life? HYPOCRITE!!! PARASITE!!!
    Mr Ayah does not care about the untold hardship visited upon the less fortunate Anglophone Cameroonians by amba terrorists. They can barely eat one meal a day. Mr Ayah can eat whatever he wants to eat, yes, even fish from CONGELCAM, because he has a handsome pension from LRC. He only writes an encyclopaedia lambasting lockdowns when his wife can not buy fish from CONGELCAM. He is more concerned about his fish from CONGELCAM than he cares about the masses of suffering Anglophone Cameroonians who can not afford a meal, let alone fish from CONGELCAM. He throws tantrums like a spoiled or spoilt child whenever his wife can not go buy fish from CONGELCAM because of lockdowns by amba terrorists. EGOTIST!!!
    In all probability, he seems to be the “terrorist money man” and go-between the warmongers in the diaspora and the amba terrorists on so-called GZ. His Ayah Foundation has received and continue to receive huge sums of money from the diaspora. He has been milking the so-called amba struggle, enriching himself in the process. That may explain why he resigned as the president of his phoney party. WHAT ABOUT RANSOM MONEY!!!
    Ms Edith Kahbang Walla is more honourable than discredited Ayah who has gone gaga.

  5. Jon

    April 23, 2019 at 9:12 PM

    Mr Ayah writes and I quote “We were taught at our low level of scholarship about SELF-DEFENCE and the proportionality that does ground it”.

    SELF-DEFENCE: According to the Charter of the United Nations, Article 51 states “Nothing in the present Charter shall impair the inherent right of individual or collective self-defence if an armed attack occurs against a Member of the United Nations, until the Security Council has taken measures necessary to maintain international peace and security. Measures taken by Members in the exercise of this right of self-defence shall be immediately reported to the Security Council and shall not in any way affect the authority and responsibility of the Security Council under the present Charter to take at any time such action as it deems necessary in order to maintain or restore international peace and security”.

    There is no self-defence against a State by the citizens of the said state.

    Mr Ayah, is beheading other Anglophone Cameroonians by amba terrorists self-defence? Is cutting the fingers of school children self-defence? Is closing schools, burning schools, and kidnapping students for hefty ransoms self-defence? Is cutting the fingers and hands of poor CDC labourers self-defence? Is raping young girls, mothers, and women self-defence? Is kidnapping for hefty ransoms self-defence? Are lockdowns self-defence? Is banditry self-defence? Is torturing and tormenting other Anglophone Cameroonians to painful and agonising deaths self-defence?

  6. Sunshine

    April 24, 2019 at 8:42 PM

    bieya, the despot of french cameroun sleeps with hands and arms between his legs.

    This troll called ton, always displays disturbing ignorance about his own french cameroun despot.

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