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Celebrating The Life Of Mola Njoh Litumbe: His Letters To Mark Bareta, Part 1



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Celebrating The Life Of Mola Njoh Litumbe: His Letters To Mark Bareta, Part 1

Sent June 2, 2017, 09:52 AM

Dear Comrade Mark Bareta

When last I was received at the Dept of Political Affairs at the UN, I think it was sometime in 2011, they listened to what I had to say, were very sympathetic, but commented that although my presentation was persuasive, there was no evidence to show that the views I expressed were those of the majority of Southern Cameroonians, so I should go back home and obtain such evidence, before making a return visit.

On coming back home we organized a freedom march from Molyko stadium through the Govt station in Buea and then to my premises in Bokwaongo, where I was to deliver a keynote political address. As leader of a legalized political party, I advertised the freedom march on radio and newspapers, with journalists ready to record the march which was expected to attract some 30,000 freedom marchers, about half coming from the University of Buea in Molyko.

Early that morning, the Security Services of LRC not only surrounded my entire compound as early as 5.0am and kept me under house arrest, but other contingents were positioned in Molyko and elsewhere to arrest anyone suspected of coming for the freedom march, and promptly locked them in jail. This effectively frustrated the peaceful manifestation of the evidence we needed to show that the quest of Southern Cameroonians for self-determination was a popular move.

As God would have it, the recent dispute of Lawyers and Teachers has brought to the surface the grievances of S. Cameroonians who now understand that the terms of joining as prescribed by the UN, to be a Federation of 2 sovereign states, equal in status, have never been accepted by LRC which lost during the vote on 21 Apr 1961 when the General Assembly of the UN voted massively for the sovereign Independence of Southern Cameroons effective 1st Oct 1961.

When I was therefore interviewed, on your instructions, during a private visit to London in June 2016, I made the point that if Southern Cameroonians could produce evidence that the voting majority are dissatisfied at being re-colonized by LRC contrary to the vote of the UN General Assembly on 21st April, 1961 which granted us Independence, but that we have instead been re-colonized by LRC which is treating our territory as part of its own, contrary also to UN General Assembly Res. 1541(XV) of 15 Dec. 1960 which updated the Res. passed the previous day, by introducing the concept of “Indpendence by Joining” by a small territory which, although entitled to sovereign independence in its own right pursuant to UN General Assembly Res. 1514(XV) of 14 Dec. 1960, lacked essential ingredients to function as a stand-alone sovereign state. In that event it could only join a neighbouring sovereign state in one of two ways viz by association, or by intergration, both of which are clearly definded in the relevant UN General Assembly Resolution 1541(XV) which updated the very next day. Res. 1514(XV).

It was when the London June 2016 interview was aired on YouTube, that I read a comment from you that you are in a position to collect, electronically, even 2 million signatures of S. Cameroonians.

I have secured the official voting results of the number of Southern Cameroonians who voted in the last published elections in both NW and SW Regions in Cameroon. They total just 837.709. Therefore if I can have just the signatures of say 500.000 of them, this would, from a democratic standpoint, be the basis of re-establishing the Southern Cameroons Govt in place on 1st Oct 1961 that the UN granted independence. Based on that number of signatures, we could re-constitute the sacked Southern Cameroons Govt that was illegally sacked by LRC, and form a transitional Govt based on a firm democratic foundation.

So, Comrade Mark Bareta, this is where I need your help. Once the formation of an interim SC Govt rests on a majority of the participating voters in the last elections in Southern Cameroons, the first task of the Interim Govt would be to apply for membership of the UN which had taken a decision on the matter as far back as 21 Apr 1961.

If you are available on WhatsApp, as I am, we could further discuss this matter securely.

Congratulations for the gallant efforts you are rendering to the Southern Cameroons cause for Self-determination and Sovereign Independence.

With Truth and with God on our side, we shall prevail.



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