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Of Camerounese And Anglophone Slaves










Of Camerounese And Anglophone Slaves

A certain document which is so aching to see and I can’t even find myself sharing is circulating amongst Camerounese and some “Anglophones” showing the distribution of members of colonial government across both Cameroons. To these Camerounese and frustrated Anglophone slaves, we must not worry because we are fairly represented in Government.

Without even looking at the portfolios and how powerful they are; without even looking at what usually happens before Anglophones are given what it is theirs, let me assure those doing that to know that even if Mr. Biya makes a 50/50 Anglophone/Francophone government today, nothing will change. It will suffice these dreamers to understand that in the present Cameroons, any political appointments helps only the immediate families, friends and allies of those appointed and does not in any way add food on the table of people from the Cameroons or helps to change the current livelihood. Mr. Biya is only rewarding his agents and criminals of a job well done. Such appointments do not change the institutions in place who all by the way worship one man in Etoudi.

Cameroun Ministerial Distribution

Those Camerounese and frustrated Anglophone slaves must understand that the very core of the so called Anglophone Crisis cum Southern Cameroons Revolution goes as far back as 1961 on how two UN trust territories came together in a union that never was. It has to do with the failure to respect UN charter on how unions between countries happened especially considering the fact that legally, historically and constitutionally, Southern Cameroons is still under occupation.

Camerounese and their allies in Anglophone Cameroon sharing that photo must know that the people of the Former UN Trust Territory Of Southern Cameroons cum Ambazonia have made a conscious decision to take back their country. They are beyond that nonsense called decentralisation and/or Federalism. The freedom DNA is already inscribed into the minds and souls of every Ambalander born or unborn.

La Republique Du Cameroun Citizens And their allies in Ambazonia should stop waisting their time. Our people are already taking control of their communities by building self defense structures and there is nothing which will make us to turn back except a free Ambazonia.

Take this message to any Camerounese who dares to send you such a photo showing regions of colonial members of government. They are only doing that to play with your psyche.

Ambazonia revolution is not about appointments or marginalisation. It’s an issue of annexation and violation of UN charters.

Mark Bareta

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