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Cameroun Military Burnt Civilians Alive In Mbengwi Road Bamenda



Consternation in Mbengwi Road As colonial Soldiers Embark on Burning Spree

By Mbah Godlove

The population of Mbengwi Road, a locality in Bamenda has been in tears after French Cameroun soldiers invaded the neighborhood, burning down several houses. The burning has been so intensive

Earlier this Wednesday, December 8, 2021 Ambazonian Defense Forces reportedly overpowered Cameroun colonial forces that left at least 7 French Cameroun soldiers dead by blowing off their armored car.

Sources told BarataNews that, the forces of occupation frustrated at the defeat decided to revenge on the local population.

From one home to another, the enemy forces razed houses and threaten to kill any living soul they met on their way.

In the process, dozens of houses were put on flames, living civilians in fear and Consternation.

We have now been told more than 5 civilians have been burnt alive in a video circulating on social media

Video captured today in Bamenda as civilians are crying

The burning spree BN learned caused many locals to flee to the bushes for fear of being killed by the brutal colonial forces.

Wednesday’s destruction came barely a week after a heavily arm contingent of the colonial military carried out a systematic Looting of shops at Mbengwi road

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