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Cameroun Has Just Two Options: Defacto Confederation Or Independence Of Southern Cameroons-Camerounese Dieudonne ESSOMBA



The Camerounese prolific writer Dieudonne ESSOMBA in a mouth-watering stinking truth released today after the spike of violence and atrocities in Southern Cameroons has once again declared that Amba boys are sticking to their objectives no matter what those of us out say. To Essomba, Amba boys actions are not different from actions seen in any liberation war in the world no matter the complaints. Essomba concluded that “The English-speaking Secession is a 40-year affair and will be resolved either by a de facto Confederation between the two parties or by the independence of Southern Cameroon” otherwise it will be the huge collapse of French Cameroun itself. You may want to his beer-drinking write-up


With the beheading of a woman by Ambazonians whose video is circulating virally on the NET, we have reached another level of horror! It is not death that is at issue here, since this war has already resulted in at least 3,000 deaths if we consider a large number of sources. One more death does not represent a qualitative break in the course of events.

This is the method and the message that comes out of this mind-boggling horror and horror scene of beheading! Even the movies haven’t imagined anything more horrifying. And this message seems clear:

“The Ambazonian citizen who supports the Army of Cameroon is a traitor who will be publicly executed and the Colonial Government of Cameroon on which he relies will not be able to do anything for him! ”

If we read such a message in this scene, then we go out of the emotion to understand things in their true nature. This kind of message is common to all wars of liberation, and in particular, to secession movements which also claim to be wars of liberation. These, by their nature, must shed blood to win their case, the blood of the occupants, and the blood of fellow citizens considered to be traitors!

The outrage here has no practical use and in any case, no effect! Rebels who take up arms to demand their autonomy do not need the advice of others, nor their opinion of their methods, because they believe in only one thing: their weapons! And the only goal they pursue is to hurt their opponent and force him to let go!

So don’t expect the Amba Boys to worry about how they look at their actions, their only desire being to see the State of Cameroon emerge from what they call “their country”.

We may be scandalized by these realities, but states of mind have never solved a problem in any human community! What the Amba Boys are doing is what all the rebels around the world do, always arousing the same ones: “They are violent, they are terrorists, they have no mandate from the people, etc.” ”

All! Without any exception! Whether it is the Maccabees brothers fighting to the death against the Romans in the Bible, whether it is the former colonized countries fighting the settler, whether it is apartheid, whether it is the autonomist movements, violence against legal forces and the local support for these forces has always been the same and the speech of indignation has always been systematically held.

The cries of indignation did not change the course of events, however.

We will therefore not change anything at NOSO through this hyperbolic indignation of the bloody acts of the Amba Boys who participate in their fight for “decolonization”. Quite the contrary! For this indignation, far from softening them, arouses their reactions of triumph!

But more fundamentally, this generalized emotion highlights the total helplessness of the state! A state that boasted about its ability to bring order to its entire territory, to apply its law everywhere, but which, today, finds itself in front of the spectacle of young people in rags who impose their law and execute in broad daylight. and in the middle of the street his own supporters, without being able to lift a finger!

And that’s exactly what is at stake! Four years ago, the state of Cameroon was powerful and controlled all of its territories. At the slightest instruction from the sub-prefect, the population complied with their tail down! Less than 4 years later, the Government is now outraged like any NGO because people are being killed on its own territory, without it being able to really react! The state no longer exists in NOSO as anything more than an occupying force, forced to create bunkers everywhere, at huge expense, while its civilian presence is reduced to nothing.

Dead Cities, Dead Revenues, and Lockdowns are rife. The Government may want to maintain the illusion through its reconstruction program, the repression of officials who have abandoned the NOSO and the boasting about the restored peace, no one is under any illusions about the prospect of an imminent end of the hostilities.

I never understood how the Government of Cameroon got stuck in English-speaking molasses in such a stupid and crass way. However, things were clear from the start: from the moment a single English speaker fell by government bullets, the unitary state was dead. The prospects for a federalization of the country had to be immediately opened up, so as to neutralize the secessionist theses which were disseminating in English-speaking circles at lightning speed.

Unfortunately, the people of Yaoundé who control the state of Cameroon do not know the true definition they take for a divinity invested with magical power, able to impose whatever he wants through his army and his police.

They do not know that a State is only a group of organized individuals, the public officials, who impose themselves on the rest of the Community by justifying its legitimacy by its role of managing collective needs.

This definition automatically implies that this usurper group elicits the support of all, the Army and the Police being only instruments of support and not the instruments that found the State!

As soon as the state asserts itself by force and not through membership, it immediately becomes an occupying force. In this case, the occupied populations will take up arms and suppress the state’s military monopoly, which therefore becomes threatened in its very existence.

This is exactly what happened with the English speakers!

But based on false examples, some have led the Government of Cameroon to impose a form of state on the Anglophones, with violence, plunging Cameroon into a terrible molasses from which it can never escape unscathed. With philosophical arguments, they transformed what was only a political problem of state form into a colonial war.

And that changes everything!

They are complaining today that the English speaking populations do not support the state! This is normal, since, with their methods of brutality, their lack of listening, their dogmatic convictions about the state, they gave the image of a colonial state to these populations!

How can we hope for the support of the populations for forces perceived as colonial?

Anglophones will never lower their arms and the unitary state will never be able to beat them. The English-speaking Secession is a 40-year affair and will be resolved either by a de facto Confederation between the two parties or by the independence of Southern Cameroon.

There is no human possibility for the NOSO to revert to a unitary state, however decentralized!

It’s a waste of time!

And this, I said from day one: the crimes that we see every day and which arouse indignation are nothing but trifles in the face of the great event that is brewing: the autonomy or independence of Anglophones.

And the Government of Cameroon has no way of changing anything in this development! No ! And by dint of persisting, it is he who will collapse!

Dieudonne ESSOMBA

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