Cameroun Government Confirms Lebialem Liberation Since April 2018, Colonial SDO Threatens Civil Servants

mass murder scheme in ambazonia

Absentee La Republique employees in Lebialem County risk sacking, SDO cries

Eselakwe Emile, colonial Senior administrator still in Lebialem, has taken the cue from his boss, Okalia Bernard, colonial Governor in Buea, to calling their workers to resume work.

In a communiqué signed, march 9th and read over pro La Republique media, CRTV, the SDO serves a severe warning to all workers under their payroll who have been absent from work since April 2018.

He has given them latest the 25th of march 2019, to resume work or face administrative sanctions, sacking.

The communiqué opens a big crack once again, of the colonial régime. Many people are still in surprise, though not a novelty in  the Cameroun administrative manner, of how a suppose state employee will receive close to one year salary for doing no work. A system the regime has put in place to cajole the privilege slaves in their administration, to always side with them.

It would appear this SDO is walking in the same steps of his predecessor, who through a similar communique in 2017, ordered the population of more than 13 villages of Lebialem to evacuate their homes making way for military raids. This indeed was the beginning of war in Southern Cameroons.

As the Liberation forces continue to make AmbaLand ungovernable for the enemy La Republique militia, the Yaounde Junta has also been tenacious in her strive to stamping authority over the land. Reasons why, the colonial administrators in the Northern and Southern Zones have continually threatened their employees to work even where they can’t dare.

To be recalled is the fact that, Lebialem, of all the 13 Counties of Ambazonia is the deadliest and most bloodiest of the ongoing war for independence. It is home to the the Brave and dreaded Amba military leader, Field Marshal of the Red Dragons. Understanding that, working in Lebialem as a Cameroun servant is against the will of the people and orders of the Land, the lives of these people are in total risk.

Many of these workers have often been caught in crossfire between pro independence forces and La Republique militia. Some have been kidnapped by the Biya’s army while others have had to pay the prize for not respecting state laws from the Liberation forces of Ambazonia.

As the struggle continues, the leadership of southern Cameroons is unrepentantly calling on all employees of La Republique working on Amba soil to give up, for the Yaounde regime has no jurisdiction over Buea.

Sumelong Ekane



  1. malis

    March 10, 2019 at 3:18 PM

    Say that to Field Marshal and the Red Dragons, confused Colonial SDO.

    If you liberated anything why are you crying and threatening?

  2. Mukong

    March 10, 2019 at 11:43 PM

    To all the brave warriors of the “Never Again Generation” and especially the brave Amba defenders of the homeland, you all really make us proud. Field Marshall as well as all the other Commanders, we only hope that you all heed the warning to not making any video or audio. As all of you can see, the LRC criminals are desperate now and are determine with the accomplice of the french leeches to track your locations. We cannot afford at this juncture in our history to allow that to happen.
    May the spirit of our Ancestors guide and protect you all.
    Long live Ambazonia.

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