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Cameroun Diplomatically Begs USA, Acquires 19th Century Locomotives



Cameroun Acquires 19th Century Locomotives from the U.S in the 21st Century.

The US embassy in Yaounde has just recently published a picture of a ceremony that took place in Douala, Economic capital of Cameroun last March 7th. The Embassy on its facebook page, thanking the lone railway company of that country, CAMRAIL, for acquiring Five U.S made General Electric Locomotives.

The presiding officer at the event was  Vernelle Fitzpatrick who popped a bottle of champagne to applauses from local administrative authorities and the management of the Cameroun Railway Cooperation, CAMRAIL.There is an African adage that, “when God wants to kill a bad man, He makes you a fool first”. This to say when you eventually lose senses, you do only things that will lead you to your grave.

A classical example of that “fool” above is the Yaounde regime. After accusing biya and his gangster military regime for massacre in the Southern Cameroons, restricting military Aids of 17 million Dollars, reduction of economic Aids and other diplomatic tortures given the regime, the US is showing every iota of her government not interested in Biya’s country.

Its not clear if the Electric Locomotives are bought or dashed to Cameroun. What is obvious is that, many have been questioning the era of such trains in cities like Douala and Yaounde given that, most recent trains coming to Africa are of modern and electrically automated  systems.

We have seen these beautiful trains in Nigeria, Senegal, Rwanda and other Developing countries inaugurated by their Presidents, with a super Rail system in place. Cameroun has delebrately chosen to take its economy backward with billions of Francs CFA rather embezzled everyday by it’s state officials. 

Cameroun’s lone Rail company, CAMRAIL, has been suffering total inefficiency since after the 21st october 2016 Eseka train saga that killed hundreds of people and left close to 600 injured. Here comes same kind of locomotives for transportation of people and goods that caused the accident.

Southern Cameroonians have not been quite comfortable with the situation because, they smell a scenario where these locomotives will be sent down to the Southern Zone to completely reap off the oil in Ndian County, Timber in Lebialem and export all their food and raw materials to La Republic using those freight locomotives.

It should be recalled that, sending any such trains into the Southern Cameroons is purely trespass of territorial integrity and had been banned by the leadership of Ambazonia.While we appreciate the US for their continuous efforts in helping to revamp the 3rd world economies like that of Cameroun, we will like to remind them of an even important obligation they uphold, their commitment to humanity.

Ambazonians continue to call on America to boycot everything diplomatically and economically with French Cameroun and bring more pressure to bear on the Biya’s military and dictatorial regime, for slaughtering the People of Southern Cameroons since 2016

Sumelong Ekane

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