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Cameroun And Hypocrisy: Back To School Campaigners Are Living In Political Sins





Cameroun And Hypocrisy: Back To School Campaigners Are Living In Political Sins

You see, the colonial Governor in the Northern zone of Ambazonia, visiting Nkambe to push for back to school and during his visit, he is heavily guarded, he went with amour cars and was attacked twice on his way to and from Nkambe and yet these are people pushing for effective back to school. Common sense will need to show that you can’t appear in military equipments, preaching back to school then dash away and the people begin to fend for themselves. How do you even expect people to believe such a campaign? What message do you even pass through? Worst still, Nkambe is one of those stubborn areas, I mean Nkambe central. The Governor was disgraced in Bui. What about the other counties in the Northern zone?

I have repeatedly said that Cameroun has bad faith because a genuine back to school and effective resumption will mean, they will; begin to address the problem and engage in negotiations. They should have at least embraced the Swiss led process so that both parties can immediately start agreeing on safe zones where schooling could be possible but hell NO, they are busy in political campaigns and shamefully most citizen organisations home are joining in this charade.

Each year, the same thing happened towards this same period but no result. Every Ambazonian agrees that school boycott is not a separatist tool anymore, it is as a result of intense and sporadic fighting between both forces without any laid down rules. Anyone trying to skip this stage to initiate genuine talks that could guarantee safe schooling and rather moving to embrace a political campaign of a so called effective school resumption will receive the same effect and it will not be different from the disarmament committee created to disarm fighters which has woefully failed because it did not follow normal process how this usually works.

Note must be taken that Ambazonians are not against Education. This is why the 2018 GCE were conducted without a word from the separatists, GCE Markers had their moment in Buea without any moves from the separatists. It is a mark to show that where possible because of the security situation, our children studied and took the exams. At this same time, Cameroun was burning the homes and killing the parents of these same persons they want them to study in safe environment.

More importantly, the right to life is supreme than the right to Education. Education is a right but schooling is a choice. In Ambazonia as the war persist, we cannot talk of Education, we talk about schooling because the art of schooling is the problem here. There are many forms of education and pilot programs need to be done to educate our people.

Campaigners of back to school must not continue to tell a political lie thereby living in political sins. REPENT and do the right thing to guarantee true back to school.

Mark Bareta

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