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The Cameroons: Doctors to begin strike on Monday 17th, Minister Says Doctors Association Illegal



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Monday promises to be tense in the Ministry of Health as a tug-of-war seem to have erupted involving medical doctors and the Francophone Minister of Public Health. The medics under the banner of SYMEC have announced a nationwide strike action beginning April 17, 2017.

For his part, the Public Health Minister Mama Fouda has made it clear that the strike action is illegal and has threatened SYMEC with biting sanctions. The Minister in a press release informed the general public that the organization called” Syndicat des Médecins du Cameroun “, which called for the strike on the 17th of April 2017, is not currently recognized and has no legal existence within the meaning of Law 68 / LF / 19 of 18 November 1968 on professional associations or unions not governed by Labor Code.

André Mama Fouda, also warned the leaders of SYMEC and medical doctors in the country to continue to carry on with their duties or face severe consequences. In reaction to the Minister Fouda press release, SYMEC officials have reiterated that illegal or not, they would express their dissatisfaction in order to be heard on their working conditions.

Figures provided by the National Medical Association of Doctors of Cameroon indicate that more than 8,000 Cameroonian doctors are fleeing poor working conditions to practice abroad.

By Rita Akana
Culled from CIR

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