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Cameroonians will accept Frank Biya!!



The results of the Gabonese elections are out. The interior Minister Pacome Moubelet-Boubeya announced the results putting Mr. Bongo, the incumbent President with a 49.8% of the vote to Mr. Ping’s 48.2 %, a margin of 5,594 votes against Jean Ping. The result created a wide protest in Libreville and other parts of Gabon leading to the dead of three citizens so far and over 1000 Gabonese arrested. France, UN, and other world powers have called for calm with France requesting that the protesters should be released. Gabon is home to over 14.000 French citizens and currently have a French base with over 400 troops. France however, does not intend to intervene.

We recalled that, during and after the Presidential elections, We have seen majority of Cameroonians supporting Ali Bongo. Ali Bongo is being hailed already as a Pan-Africanist. Ali Bongo who took over the over 40-year rule of his late Father has been praised by Cameroonians and other Africans for dishing off France. Most Cameroonians say they prefer him to Jean Ping because they claimed Jean Ping has been compromised by the West especially France. The calls Ping made with the Ivory Coast Presidential adviser was intercepted indicating how they plan to cause havoc within the electoral committee. The Ivory Coast adviser was later sacked by Ouattara, Ivory Coast President. Cameroonians have already blacklisted him as a Western or French stooge. Therefore, they say, they will rather see another Bongo continuing the over 50-year dynasty than to see a French made stooge. To these Cameroonians, any change with French/Western ties is not worth it.

This brings us to Cameroon. We are forced to ponder what if a similar scenario happens to Cameroun? Political observers indicate that already some Cameroonians are busy blacklisting some politicians as western stooges. Maurice Kamto is being blacklisted as a French stooge. He was a Justice Minister Delegate under Biya. He resigned from the Biya led government and lately he has defended the use of the CFA. Some Pan-Africanists see him as a French made politician because they have clamoured for the change of French Africa using the CFA as a legal tender as this benefits France more than Africa. Christopher Fomunyoh is a leading human right advocate in the USA who has observed so many elections in Africa and around the globe and recently spoke about Boko Haram in front of the US house of Congress Panel. Some Cameroonians look at him as a US made politician and cannot be good for the Cameroons. Kah Wallah is seen in the same light as an American stooge. Some look at Joshua Osih as linked to Biya because he is a friend to Frank Biya.

Based on Cameroonians love for Ali Bongo while dishing off to reason with Jean Ping who has called for a recount of the highly contested votes; considering that Cameroonians do not bother about the length of the Bongo dynasty but look at the so-called services Ali has rendered his people. We then ponder to ask what if the Biya regime in 2018 starts buying these same Pan-Africanist lines and blacklisted major opposition leaders as Pro-West as Biya has shown new found love for the East? What if Biya surprisingly steps aside and Frank Biya steps in under the CPDM while blacklisting all potential candidates as Pro French or West and starts campaigning on Pan-Africanism? It is our guess that Cameroonians will easily support Frank Biya to continue the Biya Dynasty because he seemingly looks young and talks few lines against the West. Will Cameroonians quickly forget the sham Biya has put us over the years? Cameroonians should know that somethings do not just change, a Frank-Biya regime will be the complete denial for the Cameroons to develop because the same regime bosses will be in charge. If they are not directly involved, their sons, daughters, relatives and most especially the ideology will be the one to probably grip the Cameroonian people for another decades to come.

As far as we of this platform are concerned, We are not in that camp of supporting the same people from the same family to occupy the highest job of the land. We believe in 360-degree change with different persons occupying major political positions for a change. Change does not come easily, it has its consequences, but we must weigh what we want in the future. What have you?

As Angelbert Nde wrote ” Why do we always blame France for all our woes, is France the one pilfering our money, is France the one in kondengui, is France the one stealing ballot boxes, is France the one marching everyday during public events to collect money later on, is France the one taking bribes on our roads and offices…..let’s be responsible and France wouldn’t be a factor ”

God is still saying something.

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