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Prophet Chirac Nyenti Tiku, Pastor of the Author of Solution Parish Muyuka gave a prophecy that Mount Cameroon will erupt before the year 2016 goes memory lane. The Man of God was talking to the SUN Newspaper Political Editor Mr. TILARIOUS ATIA AZOHNWI on August 1st, 2016. He disclosed to Mr. Atia that God revealed to him in a vision on July 21 that the highest peak in West Africa that last erupted in 1999 will erupt again with untold casualties. “On July 21, while I was sleeping after praying throughout the night, I had a revelation from God. I saw Mount Cameroon erupting. This eruption was greater than the last eruption we witnessed. I witnessed the last eruption and I can tell you that what I saw was heavier,” the prophet said.


Atia went on to say that he said God told him to pray as a way of limiting the casualties in the event where the Mountain erupts. “When God reveals, He has the power to redeem. If we only pray, God will be able to do something. In the revelation, God pointed out that the eruption will take place before the end of this year, though he did not give the exact date,” Tiku said.

Prophecy is not entertainment. Let’s take it seriously.” I don’t speak on my own. I speak God’s word. I have been in the prophecy ministry since 2007. I have been operating under the gift. Chirac Nyenti Tiku says the name “prophet” is not a title but a responsibility. Growing up as a vagabond, he says God called him to the prophecy ministry and he has since remained committed to the call- Atia reported

However, on Sunday, 14th August 2016, Prophet Johnson Suleman, seemed to confirm Prophet Chirac Prophecy. Prophet Johnson Suleman is resident in Nigeria. He has no links with Prophet Chirac. His own Prophecy comes two weeks after Prophet Chirac had prophesied about an eruption of Mount Cameroon. Prophet Suleman in his prophecy says he sees a large explosion in Cameroon without giving specifics. However, a large explosion could be the Mount Cameroon eruption as predicted by Prophet Chirac two weeks ago. You can listen the audio of the prophecy herein

BaretaNews thinks that Cameroonians should not disregard this prophecy. Cameroonian prayer warriors should start praying as of now. There is no harm in praying to mitigate the consequences of the explosion as predicted by the prophets.

God Bless The Cameroons

God is still saying something.

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