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Bui Commanders Mobilize Ahead Of Impending Colonial Attack



Bui Commanders Mobilize Ahead Of Impending Colonial Attack.

By Mbah Godlove.

Ambazonia fighters in Bui county have been mapping out fresh defensive tactics after intelligence of a deadly attack by French Cameroun forces leaked nearly 24 hours ago.

BaretaNews can reveal that the colonial regime is unhappy after a heavy defeat suffered in the hands of freedom fighters in Tadu, an outing which resulted in the killing of one of its most dreaded commanders, second in command to Cameroun General Buba

The show down which led by general Viper took place on March 8, 2023 and we can confirm that at least five regime forces were deleted during the said battle which lasted for several hours.

Angered by the humiliation, the colonial governor of the Northern Zone has dispatched hundreds of troops to Bui to hunt leading Ambazonian commanders who coordinated the attacks against them.

Ahead of the impending French Cameroun raid however, the Bui commanders are united in purpose and are said to be trigger happy to receive the enemy soldiers.

One of the commanders told BN that they are well prepared to face the regime forces stressing that the morale of the boys is quite and that Bui remains a land of no return.

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