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Buea: Woman At Tight Corner After Teenager Dies Of Alleged Poison



Buea: Woman At Tight Corner After Teenager Dies Of Alleged Poison

By Mbah Godlove

A woman in Buea is under pressure after a relative’s child allegedly killed herself for fear of being after performing poorly in her second-team exams.

BaretaNews gartered that the little girl, aged 11 was a student of GTHS – Molyko who had a poor performance at the second team exams after the distribution of report cards was distributed recently.

Sources say due to fear that she will be beaten by her aunt with whom she lived, the little girl committed suicide.

The incident happen on Wednesday after she returned from school.

Sources say the lady allegedly consumed a poisonous substance that would later terminate her life.

At the time of this report, the lady with whom the child was living was asked to pay for a post-mortem.

BaretaNews gathered that the cost of the autopsy stands at 1 million Francs, an amount which is controversial to afford.

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