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Buea Grounds Economic Activities As Ghost-Town Lingers








From Muea, through Mile 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17, to Molyko, Bongo Square and all over, denizens of Buea have grounded their tools and remained indoors, as serious economic ghost towns in on course.

As early as 6am this Monday June 18, 2018, news of a chronic ghost town, spread like wildfire across Buea, preventing even the stubborn flies from leaving.

BaretaNews combed the various streets to find out why the massive economic ghost town amidst lacklustre attitudes put up by some people in the past. From our findings, it is revealed that rumours had gone around all through the weekend that beginning this Monday June 18, any business premise that will be seen open, will be tagged as betraying the course, and destruction would be eminent.

“We received information from some people that if shops are open today Monday, our brothers fighting for the struggle will come and burnt them. So, I decided to close my shop and stay home,” Elise Andreas told BaretaNews.

Others say they closed their shop to show solidarity to their fellow fighters, who gave their all so as to continue progressing with the struggle.

“I closed my business place because I want to show some love to our Amba fighters. These guys are determined. The kind of energy I saw in those guys on Saturday eh, I told myself, these guys are damn. So, I decided to shut the doors of my business premises to make them know that we support them,” Likowo Ruth opined.

Though a few taxi cabs could be spotted here and there, the drivers say they are transporting people with emergency needs. They indicated they are not fully in circulation, hence, avoid any la republic agent on the drive way.

“We are driving because we know during times like this, people will want to transport their patients to the hospital. Others may have an emergency that will need for them to move from one place to the other. So, we are carrying only such people. We don’t transport agents of the oppressor,” Atem Derick said.

Worth mentioning is the fact that Tiko, Mutengene, Kumba and all other areas in the Southern zone got up to heavy Ghost Towns today. Worthy to note, it’s become a normalcy for ghost towns to be in place all around especially in Kumba. Vehicles plying the Kumba road don’t do so on Mondays. Issues have made it even worsening this Monday, as the road leading to Kumba has been blocked as a result of three days gun battle on the stretch of the road.

By Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor – Baretanews


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