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Buea Denizens Suffer Repeated Harassment From Colonial Forces – Eye witnesses








Several denizens have testified of haven suffered provocative harassment from colonial forces, at different places in Buea. This according to our findings, occur mostly in the nights, as people hangout to enjoy themselves, or those rounding up their busy activities.

According to eyewitnesses who talked with BaretaNews, these colonial forces who patrol the city with combat ready attire, brutalise people for no just course.

“Left Sunday School Teachers’ Meeting last night, about 9pm, on my way home; slightly below the Biaka Hospital, a military truck appeared pointed guns at me and threatened shooting me and three other guys, who were coming up from opposite direction. I told them I was from church and showed them my ID card and Bible. They said everyone can possess a Bible; searched my bag and set me free but arrested, molested and carted away with the other guys,” narrated Ndimuh B. a resident of Biaka street.

These terrorist rebels indulge in stealing money from their victims, maltreating those who are not able to afford their demands.

“I was returning to my house in Buea town when the (colonial) military van just intercepted me, and the well-armed men told me to lie on the ground. Before I could lie, I felt a huge pain as they stroke me with a belt. I started bleeding, but they still had the guts to kick me to the ground. After identifying myself, they requested me to bail myself or I’d be taking to their camp. I gave them 25,000frs and they led me go. But they took away 3 other men and a lady. After beating us all,” Amin Gustave, a resident of Buea town attested.

It is a characteristic situation in Muea, Mile 16, Molyko, Soppo, Clertks Quarter, and other parts of Buea. Just recently, Ambazonia football star, Njie Clinton, was punched in Molyko, by a terrorist security officer. That incident almost caused commotion, as the fearless Njie reciprocated the punch, and then a little fight ensued. Thank God the situation was calmed down and the footballer received an apology.

Unfortunately, all of these are happening with great impunity. Descending voices who sue for complaints against this brutality, are simply being hushed at, and driven away.

By Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor – BaretaNews

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