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Breaking News: Those Highly Responsible For Murder Of Ambazonians Are The Military – Cardinal Tumi



Breaking News: Those Highly Responsible For Murder Of Ambazonians Are The Military – Cardinal Tumi

By Mbah Godlove

Cardinal Emeritus, His Eminence, Christain Tumi says the army of French Cameroun is highly responsible for the death of ordinary citizens in Ambazonia.

Speaking on a panel on French Cameroun’s state own propaganda medium — CRTV on Sunday November 17, the Roman Catholic church leader unequivocally stated that in Kumbo alone, over 400 lives have been claimed by the colonial military.

“This is the truth and I will prefer to die by it,” he opined.

The clergy pointed out that if the French Camerounian military of occupation is withdrawn from Southern Cameroons, the tension will reduce and people will return to their villages.

According to him, dictator Paul Biya is human and will give an account of his leadership because all power comes from God.

As solution to the Ambazonian war of Independence, the Man of God said a good compromise would only be reached when the regime takles the problem instead of it’s effects.

He entreated Ambazonian fighters to join efforts that would end the deteriorating armed conflict that has resulted to over 15000 deaths.

“Those boys [Ambazonian fighters], I will love to see you. I remember receiving some of you in my house. I even helped one of you to escape to the bush,” he revealed.

Since the start of the war of liberation, Cardinal Christian Tumi has been fighting tirelessly to organize an Anglophone General Conference for Southern Cameroonians to discuss their plights.

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