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Biya’s Ordering Of Abducted “Anglophones” Release And What Next








What Next?

So many people are asking me what next after the communique from Cameroun Presidency indicating that some of our compatriots have been released. We can only ask what next if something has been done. However, in order to avoid giving the same answers to individuals in Whatsapp and Messenger let me attempt a clear answer. What next.


Press Release

Considering that the struggle started due to some fundamental issues affecting our land which none has been addressed as of date:It never started because our people were abducted. Abductions and unlawful arrest were distractions. They were only La Republique moves to weaken us and make us bow. But we stayed united, determined and resisted the enemy. Now the enemy in an attempt to force School Resumption after seeing there is no head way goes ahead to release those that he abducted without any iota of remorse after illegally preventing them from their fundamental rights. Besides only three are known to be out soon without the hundreds in jail. Abductions continue in Bamenda and elsewhere as I write.

So what next is below:

1. Release All Abducted and NOT FEW.
2. Stop the current abductions less we go back to point one and the remaining points below become useless
3. Demilitarised Southern Cameroons
4. Ensure the safe return of refugees back home (Lawyers, teachers plus civilians who left)
5. Account for those missing as indicated by Cameroun own Human Right Commission.
6. Uplift the ban of the Consortium so that jailed released leaders can freely engage less they just become quiet with no impact
7. Apologise to all those killed by La Republique Military. These parents need to feel their children to rest in peace.
8. Call A Genuine and Frank Dialogue with all Southern Cameroons stakeholders to discuss the outstanding root causes as prescribed by UN. Fear no proposals. The government must now talk on a round table.


9. Once a genuine dialogue commence, the Southern Cameroons Leadership signs a truce ordering courts and schools shutdown be suspended as they look into the outstanding root causes while suspending Ghost Towns. Our leadership know what the people want and they will as decreed by the Consortium 14th January, 2017 communique push through a referendum to cement Biya’s own 1995 declaration in France that he will call for a referendum. Recall that a referendum is the only peaceful means to end this saga otherwise as warned by the CIA in 1984 an arm struggle is inevitable.

Take Note:

Without the above being done, Southern Cameroons will remain ungovernable

Therefore, what next now is that: Ghost Towns Continue, schools and courts remained shut down.

Mark Bareta

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