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Biya Sends Back Human Rights Watch Delegation From Douala Airport To Hide Genocide in Ambazonia



Biya Sends Back Human Rights Watch Delegation From Douala Airport To Hide Genocide in Ambazonia

The Southern Cameroons Liberation Council, SCLC has received a shocking revelation on the treatment of a delegation of the American Human Rights Watch, HRW, as they arrived the Douala Airport. In a public alert dated 16th April 2019, the SCLC explained in details how the HRW team from New York had been treated in Cameroun. After obtaining visas to cover the situation of the crisis in Ambazonia, they were intercepted at the Douala Airport with no reasons given. According to officials at the Airport, they were working on orders from “Top Hierarchy” in Cameroun. The delegation were forced to take another plane away from Cameroun.

This plan to completely blind the world about the atrocious crimes committed on it’s neighbour has been well recorded in the alert by SCLC. Information says, the team like many others that are always denied access, had already left the country. This enables the evil regime to continue it’s planned massacre in the Southern Cameroons.

Human Rights Watch, HRW, is said not to be the first to have suffered such world class injustice. Others like CommonWealth, World Bank, U.S State Department, Washington Post, Amnesty International etc, have been victims of same situation not just once. All these denials are streamed by Biya and his gang inorder not to expose the terrible war crimes committed by the occupational soldiers of La Republique on Ambazonian soil. Crimes that are against international conventions and laws like Geneva Convention.

The SCLC has also expressed disappointment in the docility of the United Nations Security Council and the African union amidst all the happenings. The coalition of movements fighting for the independence of Ambazonia SCLC, has also asked U.N to send a preventive humanitarian mission to the Southern Cameroons without further delay to prevent another Rwanda-like genocide.

One thing is certain, Mr Biya cannot hide his sins committed on Southern Cameroons soil. The innocent people are still being slaughtered in numbers everyday. Their houses razed and many fleeing as refugees. Every single deed is being recorded and archieved in living or dying, Biya must be brought to answer war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Sumelong Ekane BaretaNews

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