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Biya orders internet restoration in Southern Cameroons



The national radio and television of La Republique du Cameroun dupped crooked CRTV has just announced that the President of the reupblic dictator Paul Biya has ordered that the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications-Minpostel should reinstate the internet in Southern Cameroons.

The order from Mr. Biya is coming after 93 days since internet was shut down in Southern Cameroons on January 17th, 2017. Various international bodies, governments and the UN has called on Cameroon authorities to restore internet services in “Anglophone” Cameroon as well as releasing all detainees.

It should be recalled that the restoration of Internet is the basic rights of the people of Southern Cameroons after all the services are not free. Southern Cameroons people pay for it. However, BaretaNews thinks there must be a cost. All network providers working in Southern Cameroons must be made to pay. They must be punished. The Southern Cameroons people can’t let them be.

Our people have suffered for 93 days exactly three months threw days without internet, the longest in Africa and the world. La Republique du Cameroun will have to pay for violating our basic rights.

Quoting Mark Bareta, Southern Cameroons activist from Bui County, he had this to say “Internet restoration is not an achievement. It was/is a violation of our fundamental human rights. Mr. Biya must be condemned. Restoration of our statehood will be an achievement. All Southern Cameroonians should be ready to throw bullets to any elites or whosoever who dares to praise Biya for restoring the internet. The struggle continues..”

It is the view of BaretaNews that as our people regain their internet, the struggle enters phase 2. It continues to another level.

God bless Southern Cameroons

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