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Biya Must Not Physically Visit Eseka Victims- Issa Tchiroma




Cameroun Minister of Communication, Issa Tchiroma in a press conference said the President must not physically be with the victims of the Eseka train accident of October 21, 2016. Tchiroma was speaking to the Press on Tuesday, October 25th, 2016. Tchiroma who contradicted the figures reported by CRTV claimed 76 Cameroonians have been declared dead and 599 wounded.

Paul Biya who failed to personally attend ecumenical service organized in Yaounde on Monday 24th October National Mourning day is yet to make any official visit to the accident sides and/or hospitals to visit the victim.

A journalist who asked Tchiroma during the press briefing why has Biya not visited the wounded got this response from Minister Tchiroma “Those who ask this question do not understand politics. The Head of State is present wherever there are Cameroonians. If he had come personally, those same people would have asked ‘why has he never been there when the soldiers fell to the front in the war against Boko Haram?’ ‘They would have asked him to apply policy of double standards, “

Tchiroma went further to say that that Paul Biya is alive and well through his ministers and he shares the pain of the families and all saddened Cameroonians.

Cameroun government will not seize to amaze us
God is still saying something.

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