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Biya And His Government Perpetuating State Terrorism In Ambazonia








Francophones’ Vs ‘Anglophones’ Clash in La Republique Du Cameroun’s Military Base: Implications on Mr. Biya’s War on “Secessionist Terrorists”

This week has not been an easy one for the octogenarian colonial President of La Republique Du Cameroun (LRC), Paul Biya and his colonial forces fighting what they call secessionists terrorists in the territory of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia. The casualty figure has been heavy on their side, but the colonialists have decided to keep their people in the dark as to the reality on ground in Manyu County, Federal Republic of Ambazonia. Certainly, if they could go on air a few days ago over local radios in the East Region of their country, calling for the pigmies to offer spiritual assistance their brothers being killed in Ambazonia, then you don’t need a prophet to tell you that they are finding it hectic dealing with the faceless restoration forces.

There have been repeated distress calls coming from Manyu County since last night, 13th December, 2017, reporting heavy gun fire between the colonial forces and unknown “secessionist terrorists”. Difficult to say who the secessionist terrorists are because, it is evidently clear from the events of September, 22 and October 1, 2017, that more than 80 percent of Ambazonians are in support of “secession”, if at all Southern Cameroons has ever signed any legal union treaty with LRC.

The worst is that BaretaNews, has authoritatively confirmed the report of a gun fire exchange between Southern Cameroonian and La Republiquan born BIR officers in the colonial military of LRC, at the Manowa Bay in Victoria, Ambazonia, which resulted in the dead of 7 of them – 3 Ambazonians and 4 LRC born colonial forces. The clash was ignited by a quarrel between the “Francos” and “Anglos” within the force at the Manowa Bay, in relation to the present revolution. BaretaNews takes note of the fact that many LRC citizens have been noted for their repeated acts of provocation and mockery of Ambazonians within their ranks at any level, since the beginning of this revolution. It is not surprising therefore, if such a clash has been reported to BaretaNews by multiple sources. The colonial authorities have however given strict instructions to the forces that the matter be swept under the carpet and kept completely out of public notice.

Also, there are multiple reports of about 50 Ambazonian born LRC forces, who have been imprisoned in different locations in the Cameroons for disrespecting commands from hierarchy. Their crime is that they have vehemently refused to be part of any contingent being sent to Manyu Country, to maim and kill their own people, while those who could not be arrested and locked up have simply disappeared to unknown destinations.

With all these happening, BaretaNews, can deductively analyzed that Mr. Biya’s war declared on Ambazonians shall soon turn into a war between Ambazonians and La Republiquans within his own imperialist forces. No matter how the colonial force has intoxicated the minds of Ambazonians within their ranks in the past years, an Ambazonian will always be an Ambazonian, who has conscience, with Ambazonian ancestral blood flowing all over his/her body. Certainly, they cannot partake in the massacre of their own people forever. This explains why we have started getting information of clashes between the two camps, disrespect of military hierarchy and defections.

The different Ambazonian restoration forces, must therefore take advantage of this Franco-Anglo political divide within Mr. Biya’s genocidal forces, and come together in a collaborative self-defense platform to face the enemy squarely and coordinately too. It is the believe of this platform that many revolutionary minded Ambazonians all over the world are ready to contribute stones and water to the brave, faceless and defensive restoration forces on ground; but they only want to do so on an assured platform of a joint restoration force, that would coagulate to form the Ambazonia Armed Forces in a post-revolutionary Ambazonia. The different self-defense leaders and the Interim Government, must therefore listen to the repeated clarion call from the people, for a mutual self-defense collaboration, and act swiftly to get the total support of the masses in this domain, or remained adamant and lost the confidence of the revolutionary masses. If they all agree that this is the people’s revolution, then they should able to listen to the people and grant their requests.

Agbor James, BaretaNews Political Activist


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