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Biya Fires General, Restrategising As Restoration Forces Show Resilience








BaretaNews has learned of a May 7th Presidential decree signed by the Colonial President of Cameroun relinguishing General Nouma Melingui who up to now has been head of the military force deployed to fight Restoration forces in Southern Cameroons.

We are told he was tasked with the neutralising of the Ambazonia restoration forces. However, it seems with the huge losses of la Republique occupied forces, Mr Biya has not been satisfied. The General whom many claimed was sympathetic with the ‘Anglophones’ saying things he was nopt supposed to say was fired and replaced with a certain Colonel Djotsa David.

It should be recalled that ever since Biya declared this war, things have not been working as planned given the heavy damages inflicted on his soldiers,many have been killed, materials seized and others deserted to unknown destinations with both internal and external refugees. La Republique military has engaged in burning several villages rendering Southern Cameroonians to sleep in the bushes

This new appointment political pundits say indicates failure and impatience on the part of the regime in Yaoundé especially as the rainy season approaches.

Southern Cameroonians especially Self Defense forces while considering this as a knock out to Biya and his military must not relent. The enemy might be confused but thus restrategizing. This move calls on the Ambazonia Defense leadership to restrategize as well to give a bigger blow to the enemy in the months ahead.

According to our sister platform Cameroon News Agency, CNA, General Nouma Melingui was fired as a result of the following:

– He openly admitted to France 24(A french based media outlet) that Restoration forces are well trained by mercenaries and ex La Republique soldiers who deserted the ranks to join the fight alongside their brothers.(This dangerous for the Military’s image & morale,a sign of weakeness)

-He also admitted that the Military has been burning houses,contrary to Colonel Badjeck’s statement(Head of communications,Ministry Of Defence) who said the Military hasn’t set any home ablaze(this comes in when Human Rights NGO’s accused La Republique forces of inhumane acts against civilians)

-He also underestimated the might and tactics of restoration forces by terming them “youths influenced by drugs”,but however acknowledges the fact they have a mastery of their terrain which makes it difficult for his men to operate.

It is the position of BaretaNews that our forces on ground zero must remain resolute,positive and above all united. La Republique will go extra miles to secure his so called one and indivisible Cameroun. Nobody wins a revolution against a determined people, worst still against its own supposed people. Even the USA lost in Vietnam against farmers who were determined and thirsty for freedom,we shall overcome.

By Nzonkwelle Arnold Ekomewang
BaretaNews La Republique Correspondent

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