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Biya Confirms That Trade Unionists Collected Bribe




Take note of this.

Pdt Biya said “Due to the strike actions initiated by some trade unions, classes have been disrupted in these regions for several weeks now” This means that, contrary to some distorted reports, schools are closed in Northwest and Southwest.

He said, “Faced with this situation, the Government had to take measures to maintain order, protect citizens and their property and hand over to the judicial authorities those who committed or were suspected of committing these criminal acts. This necessary action will continue” This means that more people will be arrested and their freedom is out of the question.

He said, “The Government’s readiness to dialogue with the trade union organizations and, with them, seek common solutions to the problems raised, recently led to the signing of a declaration by some of them, calling off the strike action. I congratulate them on that. Efforts in that connection will continue” Clearly, the union leaders who called off the strike received a bribe and many others will be bribed.

He said “Therefore, the Government will take all the necessary measures to ensure that this right is respected” This means that, the government is ready to do ‘everything’ to shut down the strike. The days ahead promise to be very deadly.
Whoever is beside Paul Biya, please advise him to avoid a Genocide in Cameroon.

God help us.

Arison Tamfu

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