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Bishop Kleda Disgraced in Mamfe



Bishop Kleda Disgraced in Mamfe

BaretaNews is getting reports that Bishop Kleda got the people of Mamfe so angry when he amongst the midst of parents and others declared that there is no Anglophone problem. The parents responded that since there is no Anglophone problem there will be no school for their children until restoration. At this moment serious argument between the population and the SDO broke out. We are told the meeting almost ended in fiasco if not of the intervention of Bishop of Mamfe who calmed down the people by pleading with them. The Bishop went on to sarcastically asked the Mamfe mayor to send his daughter to school since the schools of the church are always open,we are told the mayor was dump founded and could not respond. The meeting ended on that note with nothing to show of, another waste of people’s time.

Bishop Kleda should expect his worst in Bamenda. I, Mark Bareta call on the people of Bamenda no matter your faith to flood the Catholic hall in Big Mankon and show this La Republique Bishop what it means to be a Southern Cameroonian. Bamenda as the political heartbeat of Southern Cameroons should epitomise this struggle by putting Bishop Kleda where he is supposed to be.

BaretaNews follows the news. We go where it matters. The People’s Platform. Stay tuned with BaretaNews.

Mark Bareta

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