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The salt of the earth. Salt is good, but if the salt has lost his saltiness wherewith will ye season it?( Mk 9;50) Hello, friends welcome to the first edition of Rhema, a new column on BaretaNews. In fact, I got very excited when I was invited to handle this column because it is so timely. At a time when the world is losing her values, miracle and power hungry Christians are faced with the deceitful antiques of false prophets, the Rhema, becomes vital in our Christian live. And I’m excited to have a role to play and for the opportunity to spread the word. The bible calls us the salt of the earth. Now I think sometimes why Jesus used salt in this scripture. Salts major function known to man over the years is to preserve food. But salt also contains essential nutrients, it provides flavor, texture and enhances the color of food.

Food without salt is said to be tasteless. In Leviticus 2:13 the lord said “ And every oblation of thy meat offering shalt thou season with salt; neither shalt thou suffer the salt of thy covenant of thy God to be lacking from thy meat offering. With all thine offering, thou shalt offer salt.” This is God asking us to accompany our sacrifices unto him with salt. That is to say, don’t offer a tasteless sacrifice to God. Today, burnt offerings are no longer used but there are still many forms of sacrifices unto God. You must add flavor to your services unto God. Are you in the choir? An usher? A cleaner? Add flavor to your sacrifice. Do it smiling

Mr. Cham Formoukum

Mr. Cham Formoukum

A tasteless sacrifice is that which we offer grudgingly, eye service, to make people around see how holy you are. That is a tasteless sacrifice. You pay your tithe and give your offerings and go back home complaining, I tell you it were better you didn’t give. God loves a cheerful giver. You give to an orphan and make sure you announce to everyone how good you are. You are on pfasting and you go around with a dry sorrowful face. Anyone talks to you, you are like “abeg no provock me massa I dey fast, you no see as my lips crack?” Tasteless! May God deliver us in Jesus name.

In Mathew 5:13, we are called the salt of the earth. Not only should we give a tasteful sacrifice with salt, but this time we should be the salt. As a Christian wherever you find yourself, your behavior, your character, your attitude must contribute to:

*Preserve the world from decay. By preaching the good news and making a difference. Pray for your country, the hearts of Kings are in the hands of the Lord and the effectual fervent prayer of the righteous avails much destruction.

*Add essential nutrients to the world. If everyone there lies, make a difference. If everyone gossips, refuse to gossip. If no one prays there, stand in the gap for them.

*Provide flavor and improve texture. Everyone seems so pessimistic about life. Be their hope, smile always. In a land of mind your business, say good morning and how are you to a neighbor. That might just stop a prospective suicide victim. How can people around a fervent Christian be dying of depression? Sickness? Talk to them, pray for them, be relevant to someone.

*Finally salt enhances color. Yes everybody is a Christian today. Everybody is a pastor, but by their fruits through the holy spirit, we shall know them. “But see Child of God no be post, na character. Let your character make someone say hey, I wanna be born again. Some of us our life style will make another say, If na so born again dey, better I no be”. Sin is the biggest killer of taste in the life of a Christian. Sin renders us salt less and therefore irrelevant. You shall not be irrelevant to God in Jesus name. You shall not be a liability to the Kingdom in Jesus name. It’s not easy to stand out, but if being right with God makes you stand alone in the world blessed are you, my friend.

I know catholic priest who prays in tongues and cast out demons. Yes!!! Adding color. I know numerous fake pastors around town. But I also know genuine men of God. People whom when you meet you discover your purpose. You become new, better and stronger in all ramifications. Salt of the earth! Check yourself this day, have you been making the soup or the world better? Or have you been spoiling the taste? Amend your ways, be the salt of the earth just as Christ is salt unto your life, be the light to the world that Christ is to you. And let your light shine brighter and brighter unto the glorious day. #HundredPercentJesus

By Cham Formoukum,

For BaretaNews

Cham Formoukum is an accountant cum food economist by training, an evangelist by calling, and a social entrepreneur/ youth activist.

Southern Cameroons Political Activist

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