Barrister Bobga Spanks Fako And Meme Lawyers: YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN






From the desk of
Harmony Bobga Mbuton (Esq.)
The President Southern Cameroons Bar

Gentlemen of the Southern Cameroons Bar, I write to inform you that I have just received notice of intent to call off the ongoing strike embarked upon by us since October 6, 2016. I hasten to say that call for calm amongst our members, so that reason may prevail. To assist you along this path, I like to recall as follows:-

When we initiated the sit-in strike, we immediately won the admiration of our folks across the board;
We took steps to lobby the Two Teachers’ Trade Union of the Anglo-Saxon education Sub-System to join us and eventually got the University Lecturers Syndicate to join us;

The rest of the population from all walks of life of Southern Cameroons extraction within the Southern Cameroons territorial confines vindicated us in our call and aligned for the strike;

Conscious of the fact that we had discovered a slit through which the stand up for recovery of the Southern Cameroons national Identity had been reignited and reenergized, we convened in Kumba in January 2017 to tidy our hours in readiness to continue to give Southern Cameroonians our servant-leadership. At this First Southern Cameroons Bar Conference (then referred to as Common Law Bar), our four constituent Associations effectively melted into the lone Professional Body -The Southern Cameroons Bar with the leaders of those Associations honored as the core members of the first Steering Committee of the Southern Cameroons Bar, headed by my humble self;

When we were simple working as collaborating associations it was possible to have a particular Association act outside the network, but as soon as we coalesced into the Southern Cameroons Bar the opportunity of standing alone gave way;

It follows that the only body that can take a decision to call of the strike is not one of the Socio-Professional Associations which we belonged to before but the Professional Association of Southern Cameroons Bar, which I state in clear unambiguous terms is not party to even the thought of calling off the strike;

On the basis of the foregoing recapitulation which I had dealt with in more detail sometime back, there can be no moral or constitutional validity to any act of the type being taken by FAKLA;

It is also worth noting that beyond our community of lawyers of the Southern Cameroons Bar we owe a duty to Teachers and all those other groups of persons, in short, Southern Cameroonians as a whole that we inspired and brought out from under the blanket of state terrorism fear, to abandon them without giving an account;

Remember, if we back off at this critical moment we shall be telling the world that by our reckless leadership we pulled Southern Cameroonians into harm’s way and now are engaging in a political orgy with their colonizers and murderers for the last 56plus years;

I am still reluctant to call the move to call off the strike as betrayal just as well as putting out the signs of its possibility that I witnessed right from May 9, 2015! I however cannot resist recalling similar conduct that emerged when we all stood up against the obnoxious amended Penal Code which we challenged but were doubted by one of us who declared in an interview with George Ewane in the exclusive CRTV programme –“Inside the Presidency”. All I can say now is that we as members of Southern Cameroons Bar, are not only outside the Presidency of La République du Cameroun, we are indeed out of Cameroun.

Those of us who wish to stay out there are free to relocate, after all ours is a universal profession and you can float to wherever you deem it is more politically fertile without betraying those who remain faithful to a GOD ORDAINED ARMLESS LIBERATION OF A PEOPLE.


New York, NY October 11, 2017

/span> /span>

Otto Ama


  1. Carin Blanche

    October 11, 2017 at 7:03 PM

    what is this supposed to mean?? that u are calling off the strike or what are you saying?? pls I need answers

  2. Bali Nyonga

    October 11, 2017 at 9:16 PM

    You see, Barrister Mballa who is the FAKLA president started by forming a pro bono to defend our abducted brothers/sisters in Buea and promised to ask Meme lawyers to do the same. It was good news, we all celebrated yeah etc. When I cautioned against it, one of our frequent contributors and fan of his said he still does not doubt his humanity. I don’t doubt his humanity either but I’m dubious about his doing it and announcing the way he did. Believe me, he is not the only one doing pro bono on the ground right now, others, including those who traveled to and from Yaounde and did pro bono while he was in the dungeon of lrc did not announced. He condemns the killings of the last weeks and ask for lrc government to investigate and we all go yeah. lrc government should investigate. Seriously? He is now friends with the Munas and they are coordinating their actions. One thing is clear, they are not going to use us for their own gain. ST Muna did to our parents and grandparents, not them, not us and this time.

  3. Malis

    October 11, 2017 at 11:13 PM

    Thanks Barrister Bobga.

    This struggle is going to expose to us very unpleasant situations, but all I know is that there is something about this struggle that is beyond human control.

    The Struggle just keep moving despite all the entities been created every hour to destroy it.

    In the coming months we are about to see this struggle becoming even more alive, every signs are there.

    No one can stop us, We raise never to fall.

  4. Megas

    October 12, 2017 at 6:59 AM

    You don go hide for Etats people d die for pays u d make noise, if u b get heart why u no remain pays like others shodon d make noise if they like they resume it is none of ur concern they have mouths to feed.

    • saa

      October 13, 2017 at 6:58 PM

      You can still contribute without being there. Don’t you know that? It will be stupid to expose yourself to danger if you can also be able to contribute to the struggle wherever you may be.

  5. ndolloz

    October 12, 2017 at 9:30 AM

    Well written Barrister Bobga,you might have escaped from the rotten LRC yet you are truly committed to the struggle just like some of those at home and the millions of Diasporas who know nothing than the dictator biya murderer regime, this struggle must succeed!any small corrupt groups, those sidelining with lrc, the chameleon Muna family will face the wrath of evil when the time come,SCs are smarter than their sleekness,outdated pretense and know who they really are,they are all outdated, old and does not represent the SCs generation,they and their half dummy, weak brother PM all live in the bribery & corruption lifestyle in the francophone regions, a warning to all those true SCs in this struggle,who continue to gives any Muna a platform in struggle will be seen as LRC agents, why can SCs no question why it was only Barrister Muna who could get Balla etc out of jail? are SCs that stupid and naive to think one Barrister is more important than all Southern Cameroonians Barristers? Muna’s family involvement in this is a danger to sabotage Independence,peace and unity in Southern Cameroons,if all these Law makers and teachers do not commit to the struggle, their profession risk being wiped out by lrc, at the lawyers have no juristic power in the francophone regions, many anglophones are locked up in francophone jails for years without trial because anglophone lawyers are undermined,this struggle must intensify no matter biya paying foreign army to kill the people, no one in lrc regime will live for ever, their entire family legacy will be that of barbaric, butchers of Cameroon with biya and his family at the top, biya, tchiroma and the rest must be trial, exiled, biya is worst than ahidjo

  6. Mukong

    October 12, 2017 at 4:12 PM

    One of the things I have learnt over the years is not to rush to judgment. Case in point, when Barrister Bobga realize that his life was at risk, he left Southern Cameroon via Nigeria to the United States. Immediately, many started branding a cell out and how he had received monies from that French stooge in etoudi. Once the dust settled, many realized that it was a carefully orchestrated tactic to smear the name of this noble son of the land. Recently there is this video on social media, about barrister Bobga being disgraced. Looking at the video one will agree that some of us have to remember where we come from and to learn to be respectful even when we disagree with our elders. We should reserve this behavior to our tormentors.
    Yes, the fact that Kah Wallah, the Munas and others had free access to barrister Balla while he was incarcerated is something that raised eyebrows. The fact that when he came out from incarceration, lawyers were already talking about a meeting in Mamfe, spoke volumes.
    I only hope that Barrister Balla and others understand what is at stake here as our people cannot be murdered, tortured, raped and dehumanized while some sit on the fence and play politics.
    On the other hand, we should be careful before the etoudi criminals make us to start being on each others throat on the understanding that like the chairman of the governing council said, “This struggle is bigger than one man”, and whoever tries to compromise the struggle shall be “thrown under the bus”.
    If after 56 years of this LRC insanity and some in our community who are suppose to know better are still nurturing the idea of federation, then something is terribly wrong somewhere.

    • George

      October 13, 2017 at 8:52 AM

      I think the regime even not think about federation. Their aim is now to go back to status quo. By all the brute force and bribery they have. We need to sensitize our families and friends not to go in this trap. #FreeAllArrested

  7. saa

    October 13, 2017 at 6:59 PM

    You can still contribute without being there. Don’t you know that? It will be stupid to expose yourself to danger if you can also be able to contribute to the struggle wherever you may be.

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